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  1. Skintaster

    New (Old) Guitar Day

    I lurk. Started commenting again recently.
  2. Skintaster

    New (Old) Guitar Day

    Likewise! I’m good, I took a sabbatical from forum life for awhile. Still kicking around. Missed y’all!
  3. Skintaster

    New (Old) Guitar Day

    Yeah, true, but I always preferred the grubby backstage to sniffing of cork.
  4. Skintaster

    New (Old) Guitar Day

    Thanks! Lol! I dig old weird stuff like that.
  5. Skintaster

    New (Old) Guitar Day

    So I saved up a long time and bought a 1957 Led Paul Special. A guitar I’ve wanted for more than 30 years. It plays and sounds amazing. Stoked.
  6. Skintaster

    A fine day to make a Monster

    Yes. I collect real movie props, and there’s a lotta friction between some factions in that hobby and the folks who make and buy replicas. It’s kinda dumb honestly.
  7. Skintaster

    Star Trek or Star Wars?

    The first (1977 movie, and the only one I like) is great, but they sure have screwed up ever since. Star Trek has always been more consistent, and a “smarter” kind of series, albeit with plenty of ridiculous goofiness popping up regularly. And I’m not a super fan of that kind of science...
  8. Skintaster

    Hi Y’all.

    Longtime no see. Hope all is well in Les Paul land. Haven’t been active here in years, so I thought I’d pop in and say hi. If this thread breaks any forum rules I’m unaware of, my apologies in advance.
  9. Skintaster

    Lemmy Has Passed?

    My minor tribute from my web comic.
  10. Skintaster

    The Satanic Party Wizard.

    The year is One!
  11. Skintaster

    The Satanic Party Wizard.

    Hi everyone, checking in to see how things have been. I've been busy... This writing gig is a harsh mistress! I thought I'd show one of the projects I've been working on pretty hard - I've been doing a webcomic about a party wizard (played by me), with a revolving cast of famous and not...
  12. Skintaster

    Friday the 13th:The Game

    I want to see this happen too, but only if there's a one person adventure mode and not just online play.
  13. Skintaster

    Car swerves to hit motorcycle

    That old guy in the car would be bleeding out on the side of the road if he pulled that move and I witnessed it. Anyone know is he was charged with anything?
  14. Skintaster

    What's Your Halloween Costume This Year?

    Here's mine:
  15. Skintaster

    What Clues and Cues Do You Use for a More Complete Picture of a Forum Contributor?

    I mostly make basic assumptions based on how a person consistently communicates. Are they chill? Or do they lunge like an angry fish the minute someone throws a lure in front of their face? Do they seem rooted in only one era? Or able to find stuff they like from the present. Good grammar? A...
  16. Skintaster

    I'm a terrible facebooker

    Most of the people I know who have 1000+ friends, have that many because they're artists, musicians, models, or writers of note. They're activities generate interest, and people flock to them.
  17. Skintaster

    I'm a terrible facebooker

    Facebook is great depending on how a person uses it. I get to keep up with old friends easily on there, and in many cases have become reacquainted with folks I hadn't seen in years. For a lot of people it's kind of like going to a giant club, where potentially millions of people might find and...
  18. Skintaster

    Playboy magazine is getting rid of nudes...

    Playboy Won't Publish Nudes Anymore. Here Are Four Things That May Happen. | Houston Press I wrote about this in an article today, but essentially sales of the actual physical magazine are about a sixth of what they used to be, and porn is so easily accessible on the internet that "classy" nude...
  19. Skintaster

    MLP Served As A Very Important Primer.

    I'm Chris Lane. :laugh2:
  20. Skintaster

    MLP Served As A Very Important Primer.

    Good to see you too, brother! :D