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    Pickups for R8

    I call 'em "eye openers". You won't believe you Les Paul could sound so good.:cool:
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    NGD - 60th Anni R9

    OOoooooOOO, Me Likey!!
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    Why are the older "True Historics" worth more than the 18's & 19's?

    Shopping around online for a used Les Paul I noticed the older "True" Historics (from 2015/2016) command a significantly higher asking price than the new ones (on the used market) Why is that? The only differences I see on the specs is that the R-9's have slightly chunkier necks & the R-8's have...
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    ZZ Top Brown Sugar

    Fellas! it was this!
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    "Now use it in a sentence" Intervals

    Thanks HUW. I guess it is kind of an ambiguous question. I'm mostly referring to this lesson It's certainly easy enough, and I can see how the modes are intertwined with this.....I'm just trying to be able to solo more melodically and thoughtfully by expanding fretboard visualization.
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    "Now use it in a sentence" Intervals

    Anyone have examples of how to use intervals while soloing? Also the best way to practice them? A great player once told me to" look at the minor 3rd against the root note and you'll never be lost" when improvising a solo during a melody. However, I don't really understand what he meant by...
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    Picked Up Another '59 Reissue 60th Anniv.

    I Think Kindered Burst is my favorite new Gibson spray. Something about the Black around the top & the way it contrasts with the body flame is really cool. Have you found the necks of the '59's you've handled to be pretty consistent in thickness? Just wondering 'cause the Carmelita neck profile...
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    2018 Les Paul R8 royal tea-burst sold

    Are those frets the 'tall/narrow historically accurate'? OR Medium jumbo? Thanks
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    WTB Pro Analog Devices Mark II tone bender

    Used to have one, got stolen @ a gig. Looking for another. THANKS
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    What factors influenced you to buy your Historic?

    THAT! is just too cool for school!!!!!
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    Gibson Custom Historic 1960 Les Paul Special Single Cut $1850.00 + actual shipping 7.24lbs

    Oxblood '60 reissue in minty condition. Slab mahogany body , the P-90's scream!
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    What factors influenced you to buy your Historic?

    Why did you choose to buy an R8 over an R9? Or, conversely, R9 over R8? 1. Model year that your favorite guitar hero also plays? 2. Flame (or lack there of)? 3. Neck profile and (or) fret size? 4. You've been able to compare both at a music shop & one just felt/played better than the...
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    Verdict on the Un-Potted Custom Buckers in the New R8's and R9's?

    I understand that UN-POTED hum buckers may be more prone to squeal than potted ones, but I can't imagine that the 2019 Gibson Historics are only meant to be played at home, clean, and at low volume levels..?? So, if anyone wants to gig with a new R-8 or R-9 their going to be left with a...
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    Bogner La Grange - opinions

    Bought one, it broke within 5 minutes. Exchanged it for another one.....lasted about 2 hours before it cut out. Super unreliable. I'm done with Bogner. Your results may differ.
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    Recommend me a Marshall Plexi style pedal.

    I am looking for a Marshall style pedal that will get me Billy Gibbons tone from ZZ's first 2 albums...Kinda crunchy, tight, & focused. I bought a Bogner LaGrange that sounded pretty good for about 5 minutes before it stopped working, sent it back for another and the same thing happened, so...
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    Verdict on the Un-Potted Custom Buckers in the New R8's and R9's?

    I haven't played either, and inter web forums are 50/50 that they are either harsh & microphonic, or offer an enhanced "open" & midrangy tone. I can't imagine Gibon would put out a "squeally" microphonic pickup just for the sake of being historically accurate?? What sayeth you?
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    How are you liking the "tall/narrow" frets on your R-8?

    I'm just curious because I have yet to play one. I see the '59 reissues still have the "medium/Jumbo" fret size (which I am used to). Do you find any unpleasantness, such as the string dragging across the wood when you bend? Or, is there no real noticeable difference in playability? Thanks for...
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    Keep it or return it?

    Neck is .88 to .98 @ the 12th. Is this normal for an R8? Anyway, played it for a couple hours & no hand cramps. Still not sure 'cause the neck on my Telecaster is a Chunky C and it's really comfortable. However, as someone posted, I really shouldn't be chasing neck sizes & I wonder how much is...