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  1. matthew bear

    Want to give modeling another chance

    I've got the helix, and it's quite easy to use. I never use aftermarket IRs, as I feel the stock cabs are just fine. I previously owned a temper, it was also easy to use and frankly, I didn't even scratch the surface of what it could do. I have some regret over letting it go from time to...
  2. matthew bear

    Matamp GT120

  3. matthew bear

    Sell my R8 for a Trad ???

    I think you'll need to try it out... I have a great R4, but it's not magic compared to my MIJ Oroville. If it's a good one, it's a good one regardless of what the headstock says
  4. matthew bear

    NAD Orange Rocker 15 Terror with review

    Sorry for your bass players bad luck...sounds rough!
  5. matthew bear

    Washington state braces for eco-friendly 'human composting'

    That's terribly closed minded... There's nothing wrong with your dead body decomposing, it's just what happens. This process speeds up the process to as little as 2 weeks. No nasty chemicals, and the really gross part is over with quite fast. I think this is fantastic personally :hmm:
  6. matthew bear

    Any Vintage 30 Love

    looks like you got it sorted already... But since I'm here, V30's are awesome when broken in! I'm really glad my Orange 2x12 was used when I got it, as the speakers are in the sweet spot. Thunderous tones abound!
  7. matthew bear

    Such a fun weekend! Road trip to Ohio! Roller coasters galore!

    that sounds awesome man, glad you had fun :)
  8. matthew bear

    Spreadsheet rant

    So you found 400 bucks? Sounds like it's time for a gear purchase, that'll balance it back out :laugh2:
  9. matthew bear

    Children and Veganism

    I was one of them... and even some vegans would condemn the child abuse of trying to make a vegan baby. In my case, its complicated on some level... but after realizing the amount of animals killed in producing many plant crops, I think the better answer is to source your food as locally as...
  10. matthew bear

    Children and Veganism

    Up until puberty, no child should be vegan. There's far too many cases of kids being harmed by the parents ideology, and in some cases, babies are dying because of their stupid parents... I've heard of vegan moms using soy milk in place of breast milk! I don't think veganism is totally...
  11. matthew bear

    Are The Black Keys a Zep rip off band?

    The real question is, will the joke fall flat??? Depends on your perspective :hmm:
  12. matthew bear

    Alternatives to FRFR explored (badcat unleash)

    The out on the helix goes to the return of the UL loop, and then the speaker out to your cab. You have to control the volume from your modeler, as the loop is just set loud as balls... I tend to run the helix sans cab sim, because I either use the unleash and my 2x12 cab, or the power cab...
  13. matthew bear

    the AX8 has landed

    those monitors do sound good :hmm:
  14. matthew bear

    What killed Death Metal?

    Found it! Some of these bands were legit kick ass! BTW, my band opened for living sacrifice once... ah the glory days :laugh2:
  15. matthew bear

    What killed Death Metal?

    I like all kinds of metal, but I have to be in a specific mood to enjoy death metal... It's never encapsulated any raw emotion for me :dunno: BTW, I love the youtube channel in the OP... He did a really great video on christian hardcore, took me down memory lane :)
  16. matthew bear


    I know who I'd rather see... Of course, I'd have to cross the continent :hmm:
  17. matthew bear

    Thoughts on adding ppimv to Marshall 2061X

    Avatar 45... No, really. Avatar 45
  18. matthew bear

    Green EA MVU 120

    Yeah to this as well good sir!
  19. matthew bear

    Orange OR120

    ^ indeed!
  20. matthew bear

    5F6A Bassman comparison, '58 vs. Kendrick

    I did have a chance to buy a Kendrick some years ago, but it had some kind of issue and the GC was not interested in selling it to me... Turd burglars probably put a bad tube in it on purpose :laugh2: