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  1. danohat

    What was your original username?

    Same name, same game.
  2. danohat

    Anyone else here using CBD gummies or similar?

    I bought exactly those for my wife. She's finding them to be relaxing and helpful for sleep. I ate one but I ate a regular thc brownie at the same time so I can't tell you what was doing what. Ha! I slept most excellent.
  3. danohat

    It's been a Rough Week. (I lost a piece of my heart.)

    Dang, man. I've got me a16 year old cat buddy. Not looking forward to it.
  4. danohat

    Sony Products

    I use the exact same one. Battery compartment held on by duct tape that I've "customized " so as to not hold buttons down.
  5. danohat

    Had a hell of a dream last night ...

    I once performed excellent cunnilingus on Paula Abdul in a dream. I didn't even have the hots for her. But afterwards, she found me irresistible.
  6. danohat

    Shrooms Decriminalized in Denver

    Very true.
  7. danohat

    What would you pick?

    Red w zebras
  8. danohat


    I keep one in my golf bag. It works.
  9. danohat

    Shrooms Decriminalized in Denver

    I have enjoyed many a mushroom trip. I most likely won't ever eat them again.
  10. danohat

    What's good in your life?

  11. danohat

    Aerokroil vs WD-40. What's your pick?

    I drive around in a truck w pool chemicals in it. It will rust your tools in one day. We use PB Blaster.
  12. danohat

    My fitness is killing fat people.

    Do you smoke string cheese? If not, you should.
  13. danohat

    My fitness is killing fat people.

    I had no idea they had custard. I will eat the shit out of some frozen custard.
  14. danohat

    My fitness is killing fat people.

    Man. I am absolutely craving cheese curds right now.
  15. danohat

    My fitness is killing fat people.

    Culvers has fried cheese curds.
  16. danohat

    My fitness is killing fat people.

    I'm literally laying down eating pizza right now.
  17. danohat

    How long can a pick last for you?

    The only reason I'll ever buy more picks is to round up a gift card to leave no balance. I never go through them.
  18. danohat

    Madonna at 60.

    I'd take a peak at that old beaver just for historical documentation.