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  1. christophervolume

    Post your historic goldtops!

    My 06 R6 with friends.
  2. christophervolume

    Sometimes you gotta crank the Firebird and...

    rip the greatest riff ever written.
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  8. christophervolume

    NGD : 2017 R8 Plaintop

    plain & gold tops FTW!
  9. christophervolume

    Telecasters With Binding

    Very cool, David! What color is that, coral?
  10. christophervolume

    What Do Your Dream Guitars Look Like?

    from my living room.
  11. christophervolume

    Wow! Just Wow! Ed King Collection At Carter Vintage

    @sws1 ha! i was right. he's come along way from DBT. the dude sells out everywhere he plays, and he plays some big venues....
  12. christophervolume

    Wow! Just Wow! Ed King Collection At Carter Vintage

    I could be wrong, hence my question marks.
  13. christophervolume

    NGD - 2018 Classic, Pelham Blue

    nice! if i had one of these i'd swap the black for white plastics too. looks awesome! mini hums over p90s? NO. CHANCE.
  14. christophervolume

    Wow! Just Wow! Ed King Collection At Carter Vintage

    i read somewhere jason isbell bought the 59???...
  15. christophervolume

    Do you have any gear you don't remember buying?

    gear, no. threads, tattoos, records? yes.
  16. christophervolume

    NGD - smells like spray can

    mine has that sweet sweet vanilla/doughnut smell. and sounds just as sweet.....
  17. christophervolume

    The ES335 is best non Les Paul Gibson ever

    will always be my go to.
  18. christophervolume

    Post Your SG !

    yeah, I get your concern. The intonation isn't as spot on as a tune - o but it's not horrible. Most wraptails I've had i can dial them into damn near perfect. I haven't dialed this one in yet. Been too busy. Just a rad guitar though. The coolest model Gibson's made in 10 years, imo.......
  19. christophervolume

    Quad squad. 4 Gibsons.

    thanks! same! my soul hath been stolen. thanks, man. name of the game in the studio.
  20. christophervolume

    Quad squad. 4 Gibsons.

    it also has a push pull for out of phase..... check it.