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  1. CB91710

    Continue trouble shooting Epiphone 60s Les Paul, or return and try again?

    Quieter and duller acoustically, or through the amp?
  2. CB91710

    Show me YOUR wicked and despicable mods.

    Started life with a Strat tremolo, single humbucker, and single volume control. I won it in a raffle at LaHabra Music... it was great because I had been without an electric guitar for almost 2 years after having to sell my Kramer DMZ-2000. Added a single coil from my '78 Strat in the neck...
  3. CB91710

    "Incident " at tonights solo gig.

    Emphasis on "if" Ya, the manager said "don't worry about it"... but he has to say that so the show doesn't stop. I can't count the times that someone has told me "don't worry about it" and then do exactly what I was worried about.
  4. CB91710

    NGD - Taylor 314

    Finally... after a 3-week ordeal with USPS, my Taylor that I bought from @Olds442 has arrived! My first nylon-strung guitar... going to take some getting used to, but the action is nice and it plays well. I bought it because I've been wanting to branch out into some different styles... now I...
  5. CB91710

    Taylor customer service

    Ditto. And a 552 or 562 will likely replace my Sigma 12 string some day.
  6. CB91710

    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    Crazy. The color doesn't bother me, but I don't care for the "fade" look... in that color. Something lighter and closer in tone like Iced Tea, ya... that might be an OK fade, but I still prefer the full burst.
  7. CB91710

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    I considered putting the SP101 on my permit, and I bought the Scandium airweight intending to use it, but I just can't shoot a DA wheelgun worth a shit. I mean ya... I could qualify with it, but I'm just not comfortable that under duress I'd be able to place my shots safely.
  8. CB91710

    Epiphone '59 Les Paul Coming

    Looks like you're getting Fry's return Technichally a return, but he never received it... Sweetwater intercepted the shipment and recalled it. And no... That burst finish is under a clearcoat. You'd have to...
  9. CB91710

    New 60s Standard Bourbon burst bridge won't go any lower. Concern?

    So the question remains... Is it intonated? :D Seriously... I'd not trust the "tech" at Guitar Center to change my strings.
  10. CB91710

    The Ultimate Karen

    How cool! They were both barking!
  11. CB91710

    Buying my first Rolex

    I use the chrono on my Bulova all the time working with traffic signals. Beats carrying a stopwatch.
  12. CB91710

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    I carry a P380, also have a 9mm Shield and G30 on my permit. Wife has a P238. We have options, but they are dwindling.
  13. CB91710

    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    Seriously... Ruger needs to stick to wheelguns. They make some of the best. Smith triggers may be a touch smoother, but for reliability and being built like a tank, it's hard to beat an SP101 or GP100. I think Ruger has had teething problems with every Semiauto they've made. The LCP/LCS...
  14. CB91710

    Solid state with pedal effects wired inside?

    Why? The pedals have a jack for power. Some don't even accept a battery. The amp is not designed to supply power to your pedals. the way most consumer devices are designed and built today, their power supplies are likely barely adequate for the amp alone. Connect a couple of 500ma pedals to...
  15. CB91710

    Solid state with pedal effects wired inside?

    But the reverb and tremolo are in the correct place in the signal chain... between the preamp and power amp, or in some tremolo designs, they actually alter the bias on the power amp. Putting all of your effects into a box creates a couple of issues: 1 - You can no longer alter the order of...
  16. CB91710

    Solid state with pedal effects wired inside?

    Yep... My late 70s Peavey Deuce had a phasor built in. Made for a passable EVH thing.
  17. CB91710

    So what is this now? Monoliths appearing out of nowhere?

    Or Diego Garcia.....
  18. CB91710

    Lexus RX

    I've got nearly 120,000 miles on my '16 Corolla with the CVT. Had the fluid changed at 90k. Toyota CVT /= Nissan CVT. They had a software issue that *could* result in a solenoid or valve failing, but it was not common, and they fixed it. I like it... it's always in the torque curve without...
  19. CB91710

    Buying my first Rolex

    Don't feel bad. We can't all own a '59 Burst either. My everyday wear is my Bulova Apollo 15 moonwatch, because I can't justify over $3k for a Speedy..
  20. CB91710

    New Furnace and Humidity

    Ya... 40 is tolerable, 45 to 50 is really better, and can be easier to maintain if you keep the temp up to 74 or so. I'm lucky in that my interior is pretty much 45 year round with occasional dips to 30 when it gets into the 10% range outside. I have humidifiers in my cases, but when they dry...

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