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  1. Skit

    It's been a Rough Week. (I lost a piece of my heart.)

    I'm sorry to hear that you lost your friend SFK. :(
  2. Skit

    The mando case that broke my face

    Very nice Roxy! Sorry that thing attacked you and I hope you heal quickly. You have some talent there, that is some quality work.
  3. Skit

    Returning to Normal?

    That is great news Dilemma! Been down that road too and my wife has been cancer free going on 9 years now (BRCA 1).
  4. Skit

    So, I was Perusing.... (Watch Content)

    I like the Daltons. I hope you have good luck getting a pair of good shell Daltons. Allen Edmonds quality control has been in the crapper for a while now. Many people have been complaining for quite some time now. It's a good thing their customer service is top notch, they need it. The Shell...
  5. Skit

    The walnut! They have been using Pygeum in Europe for many years. I was on two different medications that gave me major heart palpitations. This stuff works great, no side effects.
  6. Skit

    What’s she got against Easter?

    The red head and the blue head look like tranny mannys. :dunno:
  7. Skit

    Bogus ‘56 Junior

    Good for you and congrats on the '55 Junior.
  8. Skit

    Bogus ‘56 Junior

    Kind of odd how he has a bunch of pics for every guitar that he is selling on Reverb but yet he doesn't know how to take pics with a flash!?!? I call BS on his not knowing it's fake. He was hoping whoever bought it didn't know any better. Shame on him. I hope you got your money back Casella.
  9. Skit

    Cast Iron Skillet

    Cast iron pans are great. If need be you can use it as a weapon just like a telecaster!
  10. Skit

    poor greeny

    Yeah he's so lame at playing guitar he managed to amass $200,000,000 doing it. :dude:
  11. Skit

    WTB Fender Eric Clapton Custom Shop Strat Limited Edition EC Grey

    Congrats Crotch, I hope it comes through for you. I have a 1994 40th Anniversary Fender Made in Japan strat - ST54 150AS, that I searched for for two years before I found one for sale back in 2015. We're gonna need pics when you do get it.
  12. Skit

    RIP LPCollector

    Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Mark.
  13. Skit

    Peter Green tone with a Navigator

    She probably won't mind as she OD'd on smack in '79. OP where did you get that clip from?
  14. Skit

    What do you guys think of this Mueller stuff?

    Looks like someone went at her with a can of Silly String.
  15. Skit

    What a friggin' day..

    A three year old boy was in the bath looking at his testicles. "Mom are these my brains?" he asked. "Not yet." she replied.
  16. Skit

    I'm not allowed to go to Walmart with my wife anymore.

    How many people steal something going from the cash register to the door?
  17. Skit

    Hottie talks to trees and grass. It’s true!

    Somebody found a huge batch of Owsley.