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  1. moreles

    Tuning machine mystery

    They don't look like anything I've seen on a Gibson. I do think there are variances in factory-supplied tuners, but even so I don't recognize those and, in pics at least, they look kind of crappy.
  2. moreles

    Looks like a Norlin

    Well, he also has a whole quiver of weirdo chopped up Strat types, like this one, so I wouldn't take his endorsement as meaning much.
  3. moreles

    new Les Paul Special

    I don't think there is a single, true TV Yellow. The ones we see range from pristine to really faded -- I truly dislike the really bright, unworn and unfaded yellow, and really like the faded tones. Some expert may know if Gibson used the exact same strict color formulation over the years, but...
  4. moreles

    2019 “Double Gold” vs. 2018 “Antique Gold”

    I believe the variation in gold color on the genuine old goldtops is caused by oxidation and yellowing of the clearcoat. I don't find the addition of green or red pigment in with the bronze powder to be identical, and wonder how it will behave over time. Long ago, I came across a can of bronze...
  5. moreles

    Pre-NGD 2019 Classic - It Has Arrived!

    Are the bridge and tailpiece chrome? In the pix, the plating looks different from the nice covers you put on. That guitar has a great overall look and IMO the much pricier models don't add much of anything beyond what yours delivers.
  6. moreles

    Karma and stumbling across a vintage Les Paul ? What would you do ?

    I dunno. Not being as good a soul as I should be, I suspect I would snap it up at the price asked, and then send additional $$$ later with a note saying that I had confirmed the greater worth and wanted to at least make a gesture. It's a weird situation because our economy is pretty much set up...
  7. moreles

    How to Block Off a Repro Sideways Vibrola

    Glad mine has no vibrola. What a hunk of junk. Blocking it makes sense. A bag of lead shot in the control cavity eliminates neck dive. Never understood why people like the look of that insane vibrola.
  8. moreles

    ZZ Top Brown Sugar

    Interesting thread and ideas. Since all of the above works, what's the difference? And since it's a recorded tone, better check the mike, board, EQ, compression, and whatever reamplification and speakers are being used when you listen.
  9. moreles

    Whats up with giant jumbo frets on high end guitars?

    Stainless means fewer fret jobs (customers) in the future.
  10. moreles

    NGD: 1930 National Style O Resonator

    Wow -- what a classic. I have an acoustic from the 30s, and something that's been played for so long has a real presence to it. Yours looks terrific. Talk about mojo!
  11. moreles

    Standard finish. Blueberry or Mojave?

    I'd go for a third option, personally. I think the blueberry stuff is not that good looking and has lost whatever novelty value it once had; Mojave is one of the less attractive natural/bursted finishes, IMO.
  12. moreles

    Oil and Granadillo

    I had not heard that ol raises the grain on granadillo. I don't use it because I don't like the way it looks, but functionally I don't hear many complaints except about makers who don't do a good job getting it smooth before fretting. Having a fretboard wood where oil raises grain seems idiotic...
  13. moreles

    Who enjoys coil split LP sounds.

    Since I'm not in a cover band needing to roughly duplicate particular sounds, I have no use for fairly second-rate single-coil-like tones. Sometimes, HB coil-splits can sound good on a Strat-type guitar. On a LP, they're just not inspiring -- to me, anyway.
  14. moreles

    Gibson headstock repair.

    They don't break themselves. Plenty of other builders use the same design Gibson uses but with many fewer breaks because they produce many fewer guitars. This is a totally dead issue. Of course scarf joints are stronger, and of course volutes work and are fine. People just don't want them on...
  15. moreles

    NGD Les Paul Standard '60s in Bourbon Burst

    Nice job on the fretboard. Who knows why Gibson can't be bothered conditioning their boards. It's supposed to be smooth and dark, just as yours is... now. Terriific. What a nice build.
  16. moreles

    Fake Duesenberg

    Can't tell, but the pickguard looks poorly executed. Npw that you mention it, it's probably easy to fake these since few shops have any/many originals and buyers are unfamiliar. Yeesh.
  17. moreles

    Need help - Removing water based polyurethane finish

    Wow -- you got me. I don't know how much water-based poly, which I never use, actually penetrates the wood. If the water-based poly never really cured, putting oil over it seems like trouble to me. Though there are real experts here (not me!) who may know exactly what is going on, if left to my...
  18. moreles

    Backwards ABR? :facepalm: (+bonus refret question)

    I like nibs, but they're hardly a big deal and when refretting, you can get a much better fret job focusing on doing the frets well rather than preserving nibs. I hardly ever see a refret job with nibs that looks anything but clumsy. IMO, a refret comes with the territory for a guitar that is so...
  19. moreles

    NOGD - '73 Les Paul Custom - Ebony

    Really nice guitar. I love worn gold. There's a surprising amount left on the pickups. I guess the owner was a nib obsessive, which is the only way I can account for the zany decision to preserve mismatched (size-wise) nibs and the new frets. As long as it feels smooth in the hand, it's not an...
  20. moreles

    Ceramic caps vs:

    Jvin248 nailed it, IMO. I know some people don't read these threads carefully, but his post is worth attention. Even identically marked caps can vary 10% (or more) from the stated value, so replacing caps of equal rated value is not necessarily a straight-up switch. One could be as much as 10%...