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    Hagstrom Swede - Fret divots a deal breaker?

    I came across a very cool and unique guitar on Craigslist that I was planning on driving a couple hours to check out. It's a 1972 Hagstrom Swede. Seller finally got a round to sending more (blurry) pics of the frets, which appear to have divots on all the frets and seemingly down a good portion...
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    2014 Gibson SG Standard ‘61 value?

    Unfortunately another amazing SG popped up locally, a 2014 Gibson SG Standard ‘61 in “desert burst” I think, for 1k Worth the 1k? I offered 900 but seller is firm at 1k. Just want some thoughts. Maybe you can talk me out of it (or in to it).
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    2012 Les Paul Studio layered “grenadillo”?

    I might go look at a cool 2012 Les Paul today. When looking at specs/reviews I noticed “grenadillo” is used on the fretboard. I’ve also read that Gibson was using layered wood for fretboards as well. Anyone have experience with these guitars or fretboards? Thanks!
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    BurstBucker Pro vs 61R set for SG?

    Im looking to put a set of pickups in a 60s tribute SG I just purchased (as some of you already know). I’m trying to decide between a set of BB pro’s and the 61r. Any insight on your experience with these pickups would be greatly appreciated.
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    Looking into getting an SG's, what years to avoid?

    I've been listening to a lot of Black Sabbath and "stoner" rock lately, as well as building fuzz pedals, so naturally now I NEED an SG! So far I know I want pearl inlays, no robots, no mini-humbuckers and no PCBs. What year did they start using the PCB's and did they use across all models...
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    *SOLD* Gibson "The Paul" 1978 Walnut - w/ Early 70's T-Tops Open to offers :)
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    Stigteonics Tone Vitamin Klon Klone

    Sweet and creamy OD pedal in the Klon Klone vibe
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    WTB 70's T Top Pickup set

    Hello, Looking for a pair of 70's T Top pickups to put in a 1978 "The Paul" There is a pair of Wagner ECR Fillmore's that I'd be willing to throw in as well. Thanks!

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