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  1. axehandler

    Almost scared to ask (1969 SG Custom Question)

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a 1969 White Custom SG, and everything appears original. The white paint on the neck extends over the binding. Is that normal for a 69 or is it a refinish? Also, the wiring harness pots are all from 1962 but look original. I'll post some pics asap. Thanks
  2. axehandler

    Question regarding Denmark Street Guitars

    I may do a deal for a vintage Les Paul so I'm looking for some input. I'm sure there are some who have dealt with Denmark Street. Is it a good, reputable dealer? Any issues? Thanks
  3. axehandler

    Conversion Candidate

    This is a 1953 GT, re-necked and refinished by Gibson in 1961. I love the finish, but I'm thinking of converting it to an abr with a stop bar. Can the existing finish be salvaged if the neck is reset? Can it just be shimmed? I might have it routed for humbuckers too. All of the electronics were...
  4. axehandler

    Ngd: 1953 lp

    I'm glad I pulled the trigger on this one. Very Light weight with resonant tone. Original receipt says it was purchased in 1953 and the serial number is stamped on the back. Its a 1952 or 53 that was re-necked and refinished by Gibson in 1963. Original pickups with 1963 wiring harness. No hum...
  5. axehandler

    58 gold top

    Has this guitar been discussed here before? It seems like a real 58 GT, but not sure. The price seems a little high for changed parts and overspray... 1958 Gibson Les Paul goldtop Standard with Brown Case | eBay
  6. axehandler

    Question: Bigsby to a Stop Bar?

    54 Goldtop with a Bigsby. Want to install a stop bar. Is there more involved than just removing the bigsby and drilling in a stop bar?
  7. axehandler

    Price for my 1950's Custom

    Probably going to sell my 1950's custom. Any input on a fair asking price would be appreciated. No breaks, but does have a restored headstock (the neck and headstock were sanded down for some reason by the original owner). Gibson did the restoration and refinished it black (it was a...
  8. axehandler

    Bad News (fire)

    We had a extremely bad fire. My daughter was the only one home. She was in the shower when the fire broke out but managed to get out of the house safely. She is pretty shaken up though. The house is a total loss. All of my guitars including 5 les pauls were heat and smoke damaged (no direct...
  9. axehandler

    1979 LP wiring question?

    My buddy's 1979 LP Standard had the pickups removed & years later t-tops installed. There appears to be no grounding other than one wire coming from screw on the input jack plate going to the bridge tone pot. I know that the pickups, toggle, and pots are all looped together for grounding, but...
  10. axehandler

    1968 Nut Question

    What was the nut made out of? bone? I'm having some work done on my early 1968 GT, including nut replacement. The original nut was replaced and the new one is not quite right. I want to stay original as possible to the guitar.
  11. axehandler

    50's serial number question

    If a guitar store ordered six matching guitars from Gibson in 1959, would their serial numbers have been consecutive? Would they have built them all together at the same time? Or, just put them in the normal build rotation, and just ship them out all together? Are there any late 50's...
  12. axehandler

    Back cover plate screw hole locations?

    Do the screw hole locations on the back cover plate (for the toggle switch) change from year to year? I never noticed this before, but they vary a little.
  13. axehandler

    New Updated Pics LPC Restoration

    This is like a NGD because it's been gone for six months. When I first bought it, I only had the guitar for a hot minute before shipping it off to Gibson. I just got it back today. This guitar was previously refinished red and the headstock was sanded down. Gibson did a great job and the finish...
  14. axehandler

    Updated pics for LPC Restoration

    Here is how the guitar looks now. Gibson included some black bell hat knobs, so the brown ones will be changed. Original 50's waffleback tuners, stop bar and abr bridge. Early 60's patent sticker pickups. BEFORE PICTURE.
  15. axehandler

    Should I refinish my 50's LPC

    You might remember my post for this guitar a few months ago. The headstock was sanded down to a "Standard" size. It wasn't broken though. Well it is nearly done, but I'm not sure if I should refinish it. I don't want to lose any wood to sanding, but I think it would look great in original black...
  16. axehandler

    Thinking of Selling my 59 LP Custom

    I'm thinking about selling my red LPC. I want to get an all original 1954 to 1957 LPC (two pickup) with p-90 / Alnico. What do you guys think? I woulld like to hear from the owners of LPC's with the P90's and Alnicos, and how they like the sound. I have original paf's in mine and know they...
  17. axehandler

    Lifton Case - is it worth much?

    Here is my lifton case, but I don't know what it's worth. It has some water damage on the outside.
  18. axehandler

    Cali Girl Cases Link

    This has probably been posted already, but here it is. Photo Gallery - Vintage Les Paul Cases Mike Slubowski Photo Gallery - Vintage Les Paul Cases Mike Slubowski Why does the 1954 case have the neck rest toward the head unlike the others which is near the heel...
  19. axehandler

    My 68 GT Crown Inlay

    Just sitting here & thought I would post pics of my 68 GT. It's finish & wiring are original, but the pickups & tuners have been changed. Crown Inlay is pretty cool. Alot of checking in the finish that you can't see in the pics...
  20. axehandler

    Help - What year is this LPC?

    I'm now the third owner, but the second owner thought it was a 1957. I think it's between 54 to 56. He bought it 40 years ago as-is. The headstock appears to have been sanded down so that the inside edge of the binding is all that's left, but I'm not sure. The split diamond inlay is gone, but...

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