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  1. penguinchit

    Is No One Excited about a New Hummer?

    0-60 in approximately 3 seconds...Hasn't GM tested that? That's basic stuff so what else have they not tested?
  2. penguinchit

    I can’t come up with a title for this.

    Or "What a shitty hiding spot"
  3. penguinchit

    Teacher says his tattoos and surgically blackened eyes cost him his kindergarten job

    I was really hoping you'd say I caught you with the assless chaps. X gets X-rated!
  4. penguinchit

    Teacher says his tattoos and surgically blackened eyes cost him his kindergarten job

    X, what do you mean "actual" pants? Do you have some non-actual pants? Are you confusing them with your assless chaps again?
  5. penguinchit

    Does this look like one piece back on this lester?

    After really zooming into the pic, I can definitively say that the back is wood.
  6. penguinchit

    3 hour flight in a regional jet (E175)

    They'd charge extra for that.
  7. penguinchit

    "Other instruments" section

    I third. I've been dying to hear someone play some mean spoons.
  8. penguinchit

    Almost done with the jam room

    Mine was all pallets. My wife is a huge Pinterest nerd and found the idea. Most of the time the pallets are already aged and crapped out looking, which is perfect. We had that old 70s tongue & groove pine boards up before so instead of tearing it down, I just hung 1/4" rock on it. Went fast...
  9. penguinchit

    Almost done with the jam room

    Just have to hang pictures, a few sound panels and my son wants a new rig.
  10. penguinchit

    Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?

    The leaf sheep. It's so dope. I want a leaf sheep.
  11. penguinchit

    some bull sh!t

    Slap him on the ass.
  12. penguinchit

    What do you like about Gibson?

    $900 after tax! With the hard case at that!
  13. penguinchit

    What do you like about Gibson?

    The heritage. I bought my first Gibson - a 2007 Vintage Mahogany Studio in 2007. Brand new! Tons of bang for the buck. It gives me the tone I love, classic looks and there's pride in owning an American made icon. As a self-taught player, I have never come remotely close to the limits of...
  14. penguinchit

    Bring back the bikini and fashion ads...PLEASE!

    Maybe they're trying to tell you something...
  15. penguinchit

    anyone else using Pedal Pods?

    Hint. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiint. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt!!!
  16. penguinchit

    You guys are never wrong.

    After figuring in the cost of gear, gas and time, that's too many dollar signs.
  17. penguinchit

    Please read your chocolate bar ingredients. Seriously.

    This thread has me all liver & onions on dogface! do puns work?
  18. penguinchit

    New Moderator Day - Roberteaux

    Congrats Rob! With the extra moderation, we can all finally let loose!
  19. penguinchit

    Epiphone Headstock Theory...

    They kept all the clipped corners to make more guitars. Eventually, with all the new guitars being made and corners being clipped, they won't have to harvest more trees because the clipped corner supply will be enough to keep the system stocked. It's basically this, but for guitars:
  20. penguinchit

    Anyone else had this problem?

    How do the jacks feel? If they're looser than normal, the movement and air pressure could be enough to dislodge them. You could replace the jacks or install a cup or something over the top in the back to shield them from the air waves.

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