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  1. kdm


    does anybody know when the ES-275 will be in she shops....
  2. kdm

  3. kdm

    after all these years....

    bought my first Telecaster in ''s gone in the 80th. Now I found this one and I'm in love ....!
  4. kdm

    Checking 2010 Studio 50s Tribute

    my 2010 Studio 50s Tribute starts checking...:naughty:
  5. kdm

    Featherweight Wildwood....

    Featherweight Wildwood Spec Les Paul Guitars - Gibson Custom Shop | Wildwood Guitars "......From the Gibson Custom Shop and Wildwood Guitars comes the latest incarnation of the Wildwood Spec Les Pauls! For these spectacular guitars the necks, fingerboards, bodies, tops, and even the small...
  6. kdm

    Little Walter Tube Amps...!?

    Does someone know those amps....!? How do they sound ? Any comparisons !? Little Walter Tube Amps
  7. kdm

    laid-back stuff

    little laid-back improvisation....enjoy !
  8. kdm

    '60 Burst content...

    what do you think about this guitar...!? Vintage 1960 Gibson Sunburst Les Paul | eBay
  9. kdm


    Recorded with Focusrite iTrack - iPad - Garageband....:
  10. kdm

    do you think it's an original historic art case.....?

    Gibson Les Paul Historic Case Koffer | eBay
  11. kdm

    50s LP Special neck pup cavity

    does this look alright to you.....?
  12. kdm

    1968 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

    1968 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop No Routs, Original Electronics, small head | eBay
  13. kdm

    Joe Bonamassa's ES 295

    Joe Bonamassa's 1998 Gibson Custom Shop Triple-Pickup ES-295
  14. kdm

    54 Les Paul

  15. kdm

    no trouble at all.....

    :thumb:Sean Costello - Double Trouble - YouTube
  16. kdm

    Project 58 Guitars (DC Junior)

    Project 58 is a guitar built by Mike Potvin of Potvin Guitars....did someone have tried that guitar......!? Project 58 | Mountain Cat Guitars
  17. kdm

    Did Mick played the Beano.....!?

    "..When you were 15 you jammed with John Mayall at the Polytechnic? Well, Eric Clapton was with him, and he didn’t show up for the gig. I was there with my friends to watch the show. We watched the first set, which was about an hour long, and Eric just wasn’t there. I’d kind of gone along...
  18. kdm

    Scott Sharrard with CS 336 and Gregg Allman

    enjoy..... Gregg Allman I Can't Be Satisfied - YouTube sorry, should be posted under "Other Gibsons"
  19. kdm

    Lee Ritenour ....enjoy !

    very few occasions where Lee is playing a LP.... LEE RITENOUR & MIKE STERN "Smoke &#39;n&#39; Mirrors" - YouTube Joe Bonamassa and lee ritenour Guitar Center Sessions - the best - YouTube
  20. kdm

    PRS Santana MD

    The Paul Reed Smith Santana MD has some real history behind it, as Carlos Santana has been using PRS guitars since the company's infancy. This double-cutaway solidbody features a carved flame maple top, mahogany back, and mahogany neck with long tenon and nice dark rosewood fingerboard. I...

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