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  1. tache3

    NGD- 1974 Anniversary Custom with issues.

    Apologies for the delay in relpying, only just seen this post. Weight is pretty hefty- 10.6 pounds.
  2. tache3

    NGD- 1974 Anniversary Custom with issues.

    OK. Thank you fellas.
  3. tache3

    New fret sizing help

    This is a useful resource.
  4. tache3

    NGD- 1974 Anniversary Custom with issues.

    Thank you everyone. Another quick question if I may- the guitar has a gold jack plate, although there is also a black plastic one in the case pocket. Which one is the original part?
  5. tache3

    NGD- 1974 Anniversary Custom with issues.

    Many thanks everyone. With the confirmation of the original frets and paint job, I feel a bit guilty that I might have underpaid for it now!
  6. tache3

    NGD- 1974 Anniversary Custom with issues.

    Many thanks for your contributions everyone. Much appreciated. As promised, here's some more pics. First, in reply to @XpensiveWino 's question, yes the truss rod still adjusts. However, there must be some backbow going on as loosening it completely only introduces about 0.010 of relief. The...
  7. tache3

    NGD- 1974 Anniversary Custom with issues.

    Many thanks for the responses fellas. Much appreciated. Here are the initial bunch of pics. The lacquer cracks that you can see are all over the guitar, all areas of the headstock, neck and body. Firstly, front and back of headstock. Next, a close up of what would be the serial number...
  8. tache3

    NGD- 1974 Anniversary Custom with issues.

    Picked up this '74 Custom during a recent visit to the US. It took a slow boat back, so I've only just got it in my hands today. It belonged to a friend who got burned on an Ebay deal. Its had a headstock break- which was mentioned in the listing- but I suspect that it has also had a full refin...
  9. tache3

    Heads up! Who was looking for a Silverburst LPC in Europe?

    Can't find the thread in question but recently a MLP member in Europe was looking to buy an original SB LPC. 1981 example for sale. Check it out-...
  10. tache3

    Ebtech Hum X vs. Pyle PHE400 Mini Hum Eliminator

    Try the guitar with a different amp. That'll tell ya. To further clarify- its definitely a hum and not a buzz?
  11. tache3

    Ebtech Hum X vs. Pyle PHE400 Mini Hum Eliminator

    Hold on a second. You said- But then said- So, to clarify. If there is NOTHING plugged into the amp, it's clean, right?
  12. tache3

    Fingertips kind of sticking to fretboard

    That's not dirt though, that is the polishing compound that the material is soaked in. I've tried Gorgomyte and I don't like it. It leaves a residue that seems to oxidize after a couple of days leaving a dull finish on frets.
  13. tache3

    Photos: Show your player-worn Les Pauls!

    1979 Tobaccoburst Standard.
  14. tache3

    New to electric guitars

    If you want specific Les Paul advice, you will probably get more responses by scrubbing this thread and posting in the LP section. However, my advice would be to look at LP Standards from the late 90's to early 00's. Solid, no nonsense quality Les Pauls with standard swiss cheese weight relief...
  15. tache3

    Who is a top-notch luthier in the Bay Area?

    +1 for Gary Brawer. They have done great work for me on a couple of occasions (including the first one at short notice and with a quick turnaround). The last time I was in there, a stack of Metallica's guitars had come in for work. That is a pretty serious endorsement.
  16. tache3

    thinking of selling

    Awful things. I agree they solve some tuning problems but so does a good fret job, a properly cut nut and a better fretting hand technique. I've tried Earvanas on two guitars (an LP Standard and a Custom Shop V) and the resulting tonal change was drastic and horrible. Loss of resonance, dip in...
  17. tache3

    thinking of selling Get rid of that Earvana too...
  18. tache3

    Does a 1990’s classic have weight relief?

    Not even close. Try a late '70s Standard.
  19. tache3

    Won't stay tuned. . . .

    Not necessarily. Could be the bridge. I had a Nashville that was loose enough in the post boots that the bridge rocked slightly and affected the tuning. Try wrapping plumbers tape around the threads to make sure that thing is tight and not moving at all. Also check that the bridge itself isn't...
  20. tache3

    Backwards ABR? (+bonus refret question)

    Yep. I don't like nibs either. When my LPs need a refret I always go over the binding. Re: ABR. I prefer that backwards too. No need to lower a pickup to get at the screwheads.

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