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  1. horand

    A Devil In Disguise

    This is a 1998 Ibanez Jem555. Original it was black. It was stripped to partly "naturalish" by former owner. The guitar felt good in my hands at start, but - it didnt suit me so well soundwise - it did not marry well with a marshall amp in my ears. It was too "nice". I am sure the original pups...
  2. horand

    Gibson, "The Original" HB-R

    Recently I purchased a ´75 (probably) Les Paul Custom with swapped pups. In neck position there was this Bill Lawrence Gibson pick up with the circuit board, called HB-R. It was stock between 88-90. The sound of the pup was a big surprise to me. I normally love the sound of T-Tops, the sound of...
  3. horand

    Westbury Custom

    I think these guitars are among the most underrated ever. Beautiful craftmanship by Matsumoko and they sound great
  4. horand

    Les Paul Custom, what year?

    Naturalish, stripped/re-finished mid-norlin era custom. (Redwine originally) 3-piece mahogany neck, impressed serialnumber 57xxxx with "made in U.S.A" Tuners changed to Grovers. ABR-1 bridge (not sure if its original), pancaked body, 3-piece top, bridge pup changed to some Seymour Duncan. Pots...
  5. horand

    from ABR-1 to Nashville bridges

    Is there an exact date/moment for this? 74-75? I have always suspected this was somewhere in ´75 when Nashville plant started up their production, but was it earlier?
  6. horand

    How to know if its a Nashville or a Kalamazoo made Les Paul

    When the serialnumbers got a bit of sense in them, (somewhere in 1977) its easy to tell. And before 1974 there was only the Kalamazoo plant. Between those years I dont know any facts - but I read one thing to check out - the marking dots on the fretbinding. I have checked out quite a few Les...
  7. horand

    pickup ID?

    Looks like a T-Top (79?), or is it a transitional Shaw in a T-Top coat? No stamped date or sticker, is it possible to tell what it is and what year its from? [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  8. horand

    Ngd jem 555

    Actually, I bought this 1998 Ibanez Jem 555 on the net two years ago. The seller wasnt comfortable sending it so I had a friend who lived in the same area that picked it up for me. It took awhile before I got it in my hands, but now it has arrived. Among the JEM people, this koreanmade...
  9. horand

    The Gibson Les Paul K.M. model Photos only

    born august 29th 1979
  10. horand

    1958 Goldtop

    Pics aren´t great and no price mentioned Gibson Les Paul Standard goldtop från 1958 | Göteborg
  11. horand

    What is your favourite guitarplayerduo?

    Guitar heroes Hendrix, Blackmore, Page, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore, Eddie Van Halen, Bonamassa and many more are all great in their own way. This being two guitarplayers in a band is a bit of a different kind of thing than being alone. I first thought about how great the Lizzyguys sounded...
  12. horand

    NGD Westbury Custom-81

    I´ve alredy mentioned this guitar in an other thread. The deal went fine, and I must admit I got a little bit impressed by this Matsumoko factory made 1981 Westbury Custom. I have never been much into Japanese guitars. I have always thought the best ones had lots of good craftmanship in many...
  13. horand

    happy feet

    When this guy hear the great sound of a Les Paultone he just cant stop himself. Great dancing. Debbie Does Dallas - Dedication (Thin lizzy-cover) - YouTube
  14. horand

    Rebel Rebel

    Rebel Rebel (Bowie 1974) has got one of the greatest rockn´rollriffs ever made if you ask me. I have assumed the guitar was played by Bowie. On what guitar? I had no clue. Today I realized the guitar was played by Alan Parker, and its a Les Paul. I found this note on the internet, it is from...
  15. horand

    Nice collection of Les Pauls

    I found this page on the net. I just thought I should share it with you. A nice collection of Les Pauls. Gibson Les Paul Page - Pete Noon
  16. horand

    buying a norlin

    I am covered myself, but my friend is looking for a good Norlin Les Paul. 3-piece maple neck. Kalamazooborn.Tobaccoburst. T-Tops. Pancake will do fine. He´s out on e-bay looking, but I was thinking this might be a good place to find the right one for him. Please send me a PM if you have one...
  17. horand

    The KM model

    I have read some old threads here about the KM, but there´s one thing that bothers me a bit that I can´t find a good answer for. Maybe I am all wrong, but my belief is that ALL KM´s came with the three-piece maple neck. When I google info about the KM, there´s usually two sources of reference...
  18. horand

    voodoo child versionclip

    this short clip is from an old swedish commercial. Jimi played Voodoo Child in many great versions on stage, but this version is just lovely Tv spots and commercials. - VATTENFALL - JIMI HENDRIX
  19. horand

    electric boys new album

    they have been gone for a long time but now a new album I think it rocks. Electric Boys - angel In an Armoured Suit - YouTube
  20. horand

    Funnypic. Whaddyalikethis?

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