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  1. Mattdive

    What finish does this guitar have?

    Didn't they have an "iced-tea" burst from Korea back then? If not, it does look like a dessert burst, but is quite dark.
  2. Mattdive

    what will fit?

    Is that the goldtop with the P-90s? If so, you may be stuck with trying to find better P-90s. A new wiring harness would make a huge difference in that guitar, too. I'd try the wiring, pots and caps first and see what that does to those stock pups. Then, look for some decent replacement pups. If...
  3. Mattdive

    Best Guitar Cable From Pedal Board To Amplifier

    Lava Monster (free replacements when they go bad) Whatever you get, use the shortest you can get away with.
  4. Mattdive

    Epiphone Valve Jr. Head

    A common problem with the Valve Jrs. is a blown inline fuse. Check to see if the fuse coming from the power transformer (the larger one) is blown or not. DISCLAIMER - be careful opening a tube amp, the caps (even in a small 5 watt amp) can store enough juice to kill! If you're not sure what...
  5. Mattdive

    The hunt for the Dumble in a box

    Check out the RF Drive over at Wattkins Amp Forums. It's loosely based on the Zendrive circuit, but with some simple changes. Right now, it's a DIY project, but you might be able to find someone on the forum who could build it for you at a very reasonable price. I'm in the process of building...
  6. Mattdive

    Looking for a hollow body thats within reach

    I'll second the Ibanez Artcore AF75T, but try to play as many as you can, as they do vary quite a bit. Several years ago, I ordered a blue one that took too long to get to the store. They "lent" me the red one I played in the store. That one sounded huge and played like a dream. The blue one I...
  7. Mattdive

    Epiphone Les Paul Pick ups

    If you're on a budget, check out the Stewart MacDonald "Golden Age" pickups. They are a good price and sound much better than stock Epi pups through any amp. Since you're using tube amps, you should notice a more "open" sound with better pups. The StewMac pickups sound a lot like an old P.A.F...
  8. Mattdive

    Eq Pedal

    I had a boss eq years ago. I now have a Rogue eq pedal. Basically, it does the same thing. It's a good solid build and is relatively quiet. Got it on ebay for less than $20 (with shipping). MXR eqs sound good, but can be noisy (and expensive). If spending $100 on an eq pedal, why not just buy a...
  9. Mattdive

    Volume controls not working properly

    From the photo, it looks like the solder on the back of the volume pots is discolored. This might result from a too-hot iron. If that's the case, you may have overheated the pots, causing damage. You may need to replace them. You could remove one and test it with a DMM to see what readings you...
  10. Mattdive

    Pedals - Necessary or Not?

    Well said! :dude:
  11. Mattdive

    Pedals - Necessary or Not?

    There's an old ad for a Porshe 944 Turbo from the 80's that puts it well; something like: "you may not ever drive at 160mph, but it's nice to know that you could..." I love the flexibility that pedals give, but don't lose sleep if I never stomp on one during a set. If you like your amp's...
  12. Mattdive

    Best pedal tuner

    x2 on the Ibanez. Can't beat it for the money - and it's hard to beat even at higher prices. It's wide, so it does take up more space on a board, but it's easy to see, is simple, is very tough in construction, and tunes just fine. It claims to be True Bypass - and I haven't noticed anything in...
  13. Mattdive

    Epiphone Tribute Les Paul 2010

    Upload them to It will generate a "forum" code. Just copy and paste that into the forum.
  14. Mattdive

    Bridge Pickup For An LP

    The Dimarzio Super Distortion is a great pup for a LP in the bridge. The Duncan JB is also a great move. The Duncan Pearly Gates is another great choice. Other than that, try a Burstbucker 3. FWIW, Stewart MacDonald sells some P.A.F. clones for way less $ than the name brand stuff, but they...
  15. Mattdive

    Marshall Guv'nor II?

    Good deal with that Boss pedal! They're versatile and work well with any amp. The overdrive vs. distortion thing is just about what type of drive is being emulated. I have a Guv'nor and it's a great pedal. It sounds best with lots of drive and the EQ scooped. It is not as versatile as the OD-3...
  16. Mattdive

    I'd rather own 3 guitars and 10 amps than 10 guitars and 3 amps

    Seems like we all agree that both the guitar and amp make the "tone." Playing live, it's nice to be able to switch guitars between songs so that I can get the right tone for that song. I'll put down the Les Paul to pick up a hollowbody jazz box for one song and then switch to another LP that has...
  17. Mattdive

    Vintage Woods and Tone

    There are some good posts here. Definitely the availability of wood has changed over the last 60 years. Back then, forests weren't being stripped so readily, so what was written in posts #9 and #12 makes sense. Slow-growth trees will have a different density than rapid growth trees - even within...
  18. Mattdive

    Epi 57 Goldtop at Sam Ash

    Looks like this has a mahogany top on a mahogany body (solid, they say). My guess is that with a solid finish like a gold top, they're using at least a 3 piece top. It's likely that the sound is a bit different from maple-topped Pauls (but I don't own one, so not sure). Anyone have one of these?
  19. Mattdive

    Are Grovers Grovers???

    I agree that the nut is often the problem (not sure if 99% is accurate or just an exaggeration to make a point). However, it is likely that - like most manufacturers - Grover produces a line for OEM use and a line for after-market (this is speculation, but experience is consistent with this)...
  20. Mattdive

    for those who hate the epi headstock.......

    Yeah, the Epi headstock is already longer than the Gibson's. It's skinnier, too. Adding any length will only make it look skinnier and longer. That's probably why there's no photos!

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