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  1. CustomClassic59

    Real zakk wylde guitar????????plz help

    My buddy has one & it has the ZAKK silhouette on the back (Epi)...
  2. CustomClassic59

    Been gone for awhile...

    BTW, got some CDs... Still workin' on the solo one (Slow Motiobn Hurricane). Two by Villain... Only Time Will Tell & Chequered Past (Ebay now, I'm afraid), and Crazy Ivan's Astronautical...
  3. CustomClassic59

    Been gone for awhile...

    Thanks, you guys. Good to be back. It affected my playing a little, but I'm working hard & it's coming back. Workin' out on the acoustic has done wonders for me. I'm going back to gigging on the 17th of this month (June). Trial by fire, right? Only way to get 'er done...
  4. CustomClassic59

    NGD Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Killer fargin' deal, dood! Congrats!!
  5. CustomClassic59

    '76 Gibson Les Paul Custom BLUE SPARKLE

    Oh, man... I actually love her. Nobody'll see the back, right?
  6. CustomClassic59

    Which Peavey Classic(s) should I keep?

    I LOVE my C30!!
  7. CustomClassic59

    NGD Imminent!

    Too cool! I've got a couple MIK Customs & they're killer!! Well done & congrats!
  8. CustomClassic59

    Been gone for awhile...

    How've ya all been? Had a stroke (Diabetes... Sucks!!) back in March. Gettin' back to normal, tho. Missed bein' here. Ready to rock!! OK, gonna go read on... Greg:)
  9. CustomClassic59

    Epiphone China vs. Korea

    All I know is that my Epi Korean Standards & Customs are better quality than my Chinese ones. I can tell the difference...
  10. CustomClassic59

    Aftermarket Pickguards

    I've always had good luck with WD Music. Lots of cool guitar parts, and a killer custom pickguard shop. They have alot of cool materials to choose from and have always done a good job for me. Hope this helps...
  11. CustomClassic59

    Replacing Epi Klusons with Gibson Grovers?

    Oh! I get ya. Sorry, bro...
  12. CustomClassic59

    Epiphone Les Paul Standard Candy Apple Red LTD

    I love this guitar!! I think it looks sharp with the black plastics, but I'd like to see one with a pearl black 'guard.
  13. CustomClassic59

    Replacing Epi Klusons with Gibson Grovers?

    If you're set on replacing with Kluson-style tuners, I'd suggest getting the Tonepros ones. Better gears & they stay in tune better. You may have to make the post holes a wee bit larger, but you might have to with the Gibsons, too.
  14. CustomClassic59

    What's the ugliest finish on a Les Paul?

    I think the maple fretboard on the Zakk Camo LP looks out of place & weird...
  15. CustomClassic59

    New Epipone Les Paul Standard v.s. Used Epiphone Les Paul Custom

    I think it's always a good idea to try out Epis before purchasing them if you can. Just my opinion...
  16. CustomClassic59

    Sketchy On my Epi Slash Plus Top

    Y'know, I was at GC last weekend & they had an Appetite LP there. The top was really weird looking... It had the seam running down the center of the body, as per bookmatching, but the top was mismatched. One side was really flamey & the other side was almost "plaintop" looking. Like I said...
  17. CustomClassic59

    What Strings do you Use and Why?

    Dean Markley Signature Steel (Nickel wound) 10-46. I've been playing LP style axes again since the early 90s & have just found that nickel wound 10-46 sets work best for me. As for them being Markley's, I've had an endorsement deal with them for about six years or so now, and they're such a...
  18. CustomClassic59

    Tonepros T3BT Bridge - 2 and a half years later

    I've dealing with Tonepros (and using their hardware) for years now & it's never let me down. Great gear, and killer people to deal with...
  19. CustomClassic59

    Namm, 2011

    Hey, Y'all- Any of you guys attending the winter NAMM show this year (in a couple weeks)? If so, I'll be playing for a bit at the ISP Technologies booth on Friday & Saturday afternoons. Come by & say howdy!! Hope to see you there... Rock & Roll, Greg
  20. CustomClassic59

    First Epiphone

    Pretty gold finish!

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