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  1. Mattdive

    Rewire = no sound

    I need some help. I just redid all the pots and wiring in my Epi LP and get nothing from it. Here's a diagram of what it looks like: The jack is wired directly to the switch, so I didn't put that in the diagram. Prior to this upgrade, I had lost sound from the neck pickup only. The...
  2. Mattdive


    I'm replacing the nut on my Epi Classic with a bone nut. I know how to remove the old plastic nut, but am unsure of what glue to use when installing the new nut. Is plain old yellow carpenter's glue sufficient?
  3. Mattdive

    sealed versus open pickup switches?

    I'm looking to upgrade a 3-way pickup switch. Most imports seem to have the rectangular sealed switches. Switchcraft switches seem to be the longer, open kind. Which is better?
  4. Mattdive

    push/push pot with 2 lugs

    I found a push/push pot (500K) with a black plastic back on a normal looking metal pot with only two lugs on it. I think it came out of an old Epiphone hollowbody (MIJ). I don't know what it was supposed to have done, but is there any use for it in a LP? Is it possible to wire two HB's out of...
  5. Mattdive

    What are these pickups?

    I pulled these off of a 1970 or '71 Epiphone 5102T (early MIJ ES-style hollowbody). It is a double-coil, but with "staples" next to pole pieces. It's sized more like a P-90, but is a humbucker. I took one apart to see what was in there and the two coils are quite different from one another...
  6. Mattdive

    Wanted To Buy (cheap)

    Anyone have an extra set of gold humbucker covers (standard PAF spacing)? I know I can get a pair on ebay for about $15 shipped, but thought I'd try here first. Also looking for a hardshell case for a Stellar LP copy. It's about the same size as the Epis. Thanks. -Matt
  7. Mattdive

    new Stellar Mercury 001

    I'm expecting my new (used) Stellar LP copy from the brown shirts tomorrow. I've read here that the electronics are its weakest point. Does anyone have any specific knowledge about the electronics in the Stellars? What about the tuners? My first step will be a setup, then a test run on the amp...
  8. Mattdive

    lemon drop capacitors

    I came across a couple of .022 lemon drop capacitors and have heard the are comparable to the Sprague orange drops. Anyone using these in a LP? Any opinions on this?
  9. Mattdive

    EMG Select Pickups?

    Anyone try the EMG Select (i.e. cheap) pickups in a LP? I've been wondering about those for years and was considering trying them out on a backup guitar. Thanks.

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