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  1. SingeMonkey

    Maestro arm continually loosening?

    Hi folks. The arm on my SG's maestro is continually loosening. Like, it loosens noticeably every time I use the arm, and even when I don't. I wondered if this is a common problem and whether there is a common fix for it. No snide comments about getting rid of it. My Maestro works great after I...
  2. SingeMonkey

    I went down to visit my local builder friend...

    ... and I think that my piece and the photographs will be interesting for many of you even though most of the content isn't single cut related (although you may spot some that is). Unlike my last post about this builder, I cannot see that this one can contravene any rules. Hope you enjoy...
  3. SingeMonkey

    That Crucial Detail

    So this post is a bit stupid, but here goes. For whatever reason, Japanese companies no longer do the '50s truss-rod cover. Many people change them out. But I've never managed to find an alternative to a certain American company that charges $23 + a whole whack of shipping for a wee piece of...
  4. SingeMonkey

    Any news on Beano and Page LP Custom?

    I've been searching, but there doesn't seem to be any news since the middle of last year. There was the claim that JP's Custom has been recovered. Has anyone seen pics? Then Bonamassa said he knew that the Beano LP was with an East Coast collector. Has any sleuth managed to figure out who...
  5. SingeMonkey

    All mods done

    My '84 LP Deluxe is finally complete to my satisfaction Minihumbuckers -> Lollar P90s Zinc tailpiece -> Bigsby B7 Kluson Tuners -> Grover roto-grips Nashville bridge -> abr1 bridge Hokey '80s strap lugs -> Schaller strap locks White switch tip -> amber switch tip Gold speed knobs -> black...
  6. SingeMonkey

    Is this an unreleased Gibson model?

    The guitar in this pic from the Aquaman set is a gibson that appears to be a 6 string version of the Epiphone Jack Casady bass. Anyone know anything about it?
  7. SingeMonkey

    A piece I wrote about Tokai flame-wars in my country

    Being a middle income country where a lot of people can only aspire to afford big-name guitars, there's a lot of fighting whenever Tokai or a certain big brand-name guitar maker gets mentioned on FB. I wrote a piece to answer some of the anti-Tokai sentiment. Thought you folks might find it...
  8. SingeMonkey

    My LP is now perfect. Thought I'd brag

    I got some Bareknuckle P.G. Blues Humbuckers for my 2010 Tokai LS150 and now it's the perfect damn Les Paul. These were the exact pickups I wanted but the exchange rate here in South Africa made them prohibitively expensive. But divine providence blew a used set my way. This was already a one in...
  9. SingeMonkey

    Original Back to the Future actor wore Les Paul patent T

    Eric Stolz was originally cast to play Marty McFly in Back to the Future. But after only a few days of shooting he was deemed unsuitable and replaced by Michael J Fox. Here's a pic of Stolz as Marty waking up in his teenage mother's bedroom in 1955: Note the shirt.
  10. SingeMonkey

    Same pots for LP and SG, right?

    Quick question. I'm ordering CTS pots for both my '83 LP Deluxe and my AY sig SG. They take exactly the same pots, right? It's only the hollows like the 335 that take the short-shaft pot, yeah? I just read something about pots being different for historics too that confused me. p.s. I...
  11. SingeMonkey

    1,000th Post! What's that LP in the new EZdrummer ad?

    Headstock at 0:56. Everyone's got an MIJ nowdays :D
  12. SingeMonkey

    What LP played by Freddie King's backup player?

    39:53 provided the best view of the headstock and it still isn't that good. This is from Freddie King's '73/'74 tour and his backup guitar player is playing a Les Paul that's certainly not a Gibson. Could it be an early Navigator?
  13. SingeMonkey

    Maestros - can they work?

    So I've decided to put my Angus Young SG to work. It's going to be taking on slide duty in open E. Now the previous owner had it strung with .08s O_o so I'm going to need to put .10s on there because, seriously. .08s? This will necessitate getting the nut sorted out by a pro. Now I'm...
  14. SingeMonkey

    Norlins In The Wild

    Spotted on my facebook feed from Lou Reed. So I checked pics. Thought it was identical to my Deluxe, but it's an older '70s or very early '80s model. The guitarist is a young Armenian-American called Aram Bajakian - currently lead guitar in Reed's band. I'm kind of intrigued to hear...
  15. SingeMonkey

    Snapped off my toggle switch. Anything I need to know?

    I managed to whang off the toggle switch on my Tokai LS150 getting a bit exuberant at a gig. Anything I need to know before getting another switch? Are all switchcraft LP switches the same or does the metric story affect them in some way I can't think of?
  16. SingeMonkey

    "Custom" Les Paul Special?

    "Probaby by Tokai" Hmmm... Anyone know about these things? > Custom Les Paul Special DC made in japan ( TOKAI) in 1978 - Muziek en Instrumenten - Snaarinstrumenten | Gitaren | Elektrisch
  17. SingeMonkey

    Anyone seen an ebony block SG custom?

    Guy I know used to have one in the '70s and sold it (yeah. He's really pleased with that decision now :P ). Anyway, I've only seen pics of ebony block standards and his very fuzzy pic of the custom. Anyone seen any of these?
  18. SingeMonkey

    A wild Norlin appears...

    Black Mountain - The Hair Song (Official Video) - YouTube Saw this and thought you guys might like it. Saw the pointy horn and drew conclusions.
  19. SingeMonkey

    My buddy might be buying back a stolen Norlin tomorrow

    Had it stolen in 97 - a wine red '81 custom. We'd been talking about that guitar recently. The insurance company replaced it with a Patrick Eggle which, although nice, ain't a mint wine red '81 Custom. He sees an ad in a local classifieds site for an '81 Custom. Sure as shit, it's wine...
  20. SingeMonkey

    How to fix my ground wire?

    Hey folks, hope I'm in the right place. I've got a problem that's keeping my LP out of commission and I've heard some alarming things about what to do about it so thought I'd put it before pure LP people. I had a Bigsby B7 put on my old Deluxe. Since then the ground connect has gone. I...

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