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  1. Travis19

    Alternative to iTunes

    I've been using Mediamonkey for years. I love it.
  2. Travis19

    newer bands with that old school vibe

    Tough call, Pink Floyd were pretty damn unique. A very special band and chemistry. You might want to give the following three bands a listen: Porcupine Tree, Airbag and Freedom to Glide. They're all Floydian in their overall approach, but unique enough to still sound original.
  3. Travis19

    newer bands with that old school vibe

    A lot of talk about the state of rock music lately. I wrote my two cents in a short essay here: At the end I included a list of contemporary bands with old-school vibe (feel free to jump straight to...
  4. Travis19

    The disappearing country influence in American rock.

    Yup, as well as: Blackberry Smoke Lucero Wilco The National Son Volt Nico Case Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter The Sadies Drive-by Truckers ....etc This^ Good music is worth seeking out. Go see live music!
  5. Travis19

    Maybe rock died with Lemmy.

    In response to the "rock is dead" stuff I provided a list of current rock bands worth hearing (along with a short essay on how I feel about this tired subject). Check it out here if you'd like:
  6. Travis19

    I Love rock-n-roll (an essay - rock isn't dead after all!)

    It seems to me that there has been a lot of talk lately about the death of Rock and Roll. Precipitated by it's "rebirth" thanks to GVF. How often have we seen them described as "the saviors of rock", or the view that "at least they play their own instruments". As if rock had disappeared off...
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    jokes & funnies.

    This ^ Rings in purse. Me: sigh
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    Post Your Black (Beauty) Les Paul Customs

    Hah, great pic! I love it! This has nothing to do with posting beautiful guitar pics, but in the spirit of your fun picture I thought I'd share this. What do you get when you cross The Ramones with Hockey?...The Hanson Bros from Vancouver BC, of course. Enjoy (with a grain of salt and a dose...
  9. Travis19

    julian lage

    Yup, I enjoy listening to Lage as well, check out this Clip with Cline: The current crop of NY downtown scene guitarists certainly doesn't lack for talent. Here's one of my favorites: Gilad Hekselman:
  10. Travis19

    Maybe rock died with Lemmy.

    Thanks, @MikeyTheCat , for posting the clips. I had a total blast watching those this morning! I saw Motorhead for the first time in 1986 (w/ Cro Mags!) when I was sixteen and probably have seen them ~20 times since (including twice at the Hammersmith Odeon in Dec '89 in London...two killer...
  11. Travis19

    jokes & funnies.

    This was forwarded to me the other day from an old band-mate, I got a good chuckle out of it.
  12. Travis19

    Post a pic of your fav acoustic

    My Martin MC-28 is a mighty fine instrument.
  13. Travis19

    The #1 Discovery To Advance Your Playing Skills

    This ^ Playing with other people completey changed the game for me as well. That would be my only decent advice for a beginner. Go find some folks to play with, or play at an established jam, I've found most players very welcoming to newbies...and it's damn fun!
  14. Travis19

    All Them Witches

    These guys are simply fantastic. further proof that the state of rock music is as healthy as ever. The reactions of people to Greta Van Fleet, as if they're the saviours of rock music, says more about a sheepish fan base than the state of rock music in the 21st century. It's a shame that many...
  15. Travis19

    New Member! Need advice on first Les Paul!

    Welcome to the forum!! Back in the early nineties I played a 1979 silverburst custum, I don't remember how much it weighed but it was easily the heaviest guitar I've ever played. I had purchased it in '89 for 650 bucks, and sold it in '95 for a few hundred more...sure wish I'd hung on to it...
  16. Travis19

    Your guitar or stable of guitars (collections?):

    It's kinda cool that @Cedarburger resurrected this thread as I was going to start a similar themed one. I'm out of work due to the gov't shutdown and would like to spend my time scrolling through MLP folks collections (in between playing my own guitars and working through the inevitable house...
  17. Travis19

    Allman Betts Band

    Yup. I really dig Derek. I've seen him with the Allmans probably 'bout 20 times since he joined. I'm a big fan of his dirty slide style. I also like his renditions of Coltrane songs when the DTB were still together. Unfortunately I don't much care for the new band, to my ears they just...
  18. Travis19

    2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Iced Tea burst on EBAY

    I can't comment on the Japanese sellers, but here's a 2016 Iced Tea Trad that's located near you (Florida). Check out Reverb, there's a bunch of Iced Tea Trads listed as of this writing. If you've not yet used...
  19. Travis19

    Left hand tendonitis

    I was able to clear my tendonitis through a combination of soft tissue treatments w/ ice and stem (from PT in a sports medicine clinic) AND Turmeric (specifically Curcumin Meriva, derived from Tumeric). It's been years since I've had a re-occurrence, but I still take the Curcumin. The guy I...
  20. Travis19

    David Gilmour jam

    Came across this video and thought that some of you Gilmour fans might enjoy it. Performed on December 13, 2018 during The Pretty Things farewell concert. Dave played during five or six songs but this "LSD" jam stands out. Dick Taylor's playing is pretty smokin' as well. Enjoy