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  1. rocknroll1385

    TC Flashback vs Alter Ego V2

    Anyone have experience with both, and have an opinion on which is better to your ears? Not that any one is considered better, just want to hear some personal thoughts to consider. Had my heart set on the Alter Ego V2, but as the days go by the Flashback interests me more and more. Ready, set...
  2. rocknroll1385

    My Berklee Audition!

    Hey guys, good news! I got accepted! Have not worked out all the details yet, but am really leaning towards going! Cheers!
  3. rocknroll1385

    My Berklee Audition!

    That is so sad to hear, I am so sorry about your loss. I hope you have nothing but fond memories.
  4. rocknroll1385

    My Berklee Audition!

    Hey guys, thanks for the responses. Yeah, my one friend goes to the New England Conservatory right next door, and loves everything about Boston. It was my first time there, and expensive and interesting is for sure. I appreciate the fingers crossed, all we can do now is hope for the best!
  5. rocknroll1385

    My Berklee Audition!

    Hey friends! It's been a while. I actually just auditioned at Berklee College of Music not too long ago, and am waiting to hear back. Personally I thought it went well; I thought I played the heck out of my piece, improvising over a 12 bar was not bad, and sight reading was not too bad either...
  6. rocknroll1385

    Lick Library Slash Quick Licks Review

    Hey man, I know this thread is a few years old, but I was hoping you could help me out! I'm thinking about buying this, but from the youtube videos I have seen, it looks as if there is one solo? Are there actually 4 solos that he teaches you? Thanks!
  7. rocknroll1385

    What's happening in my garage

    Really cool dude, nice work. I've been struggling to find korina body and neck blanks, where did you get yours?
  8. rocknroll1385

    NVGD: 1958 TV DC Special - One careful owner...

    Pete, how do you go about making a fretboard? Thanks man :)
  9. rocknroll1385

    My first burst!

    Wanted to use hide glue as my glue to use for my top pieces and to glue it to my body. Dan Erlewine says 2 parts water 1 part hide. Tried it today on scrap wood, it seemed a little thin? I know nothing about hide glue though, is that normal?
  10. rocknroll1385

    Bored. Took some photos...

    I..... I..... I....... I think..... I'm in love
  11. rocknroll1385

    White Limba myth?

    Is white limba poisonous? I really don't remember where I heard this but can anyone confirm if this is or isn't true? Thanks :)
  12. rocknroll1385

    Burst Replica: Pete's next build.

    Good to have you back. Hope all is well :D
  13. rocknroll1385

    58 (and final) replica build

    Dear god! These are all amazing! How did you achieve this? Aniline dyes? You sir are awesome :thumb:
  14. rocknroll1385

    My first burst!

    Hey guys, quick little update. Well, I haven't really accomplished anything much really. I've been gigging so much and everything's been so crazy that I really haven't been able to do much. But here's just a little something to let you know I'm still trying :) Alright so, after reading some...
  15. 20140921 205531

    20140921 205531

  16. Screenshot 2014 08 11 23 18 06

    Screenshot 2014 08 11 23 18 06

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    20140811 205525

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    20140811 205218

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    20140811 205449

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    20140806 155515

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