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  1. jim777

    The weirdest ebay listing I ever seen

    Yeah, the guts are in there, I guess they meant no cabinet is included. These are translation issues it seems to me.
  2. jim777

    Best LP style guitar as a platform for a higher end instrument?

    I was going to say a new Kiesel, but pretty much the same thing. Tons of options including left handed, ebony, stainless, colors galore, etc.
  3. jim777

    A new Greco Model Found? 1981 EGF 850C

    That is sweet, congrats!
  4. jim777

    Rarest MIJ LP Brand

    I don't know what i was looking at in Google when I put that up, but I looked up the same yesterday and did get a number more in line with yours, odd..... But you are correct sir!
  5. jim777

    Rarest MIJ LP Brand

    That would have been $1000US in 1980 (Yen to US Dollar was 100 to 1), and a new Gibson LP Standard would have been about $650US. So yeah, it was a high price :)
  6. jim777

    MIJ Strat with 2 point trem

    Awesome,thanks. That would be perfect with a maple board :)
  7. jim777

    MIJ Strat with 2 point trem

    I'm looking for options on getting a MIJ Strat (S/S/S) with a 2 point trem. I know Fender makes a bunch, and I'll consider them, but I usually prefer the quality of high end Japanese guitars. If I could find a Momose with a 2 point trem I wouldn't be asking :) Does anyone know of any?
  8. jim777

    How is this Beautiful Tokai Still for Sale

    You could cover the backs so they don't know which ones have a 2 piece back or a 1 piece back as well. I see people (and I've done it myself) go for the 1 piece thinking it will sound better through an amp. Sure, it can look better, but sound different? Come on lol
  9. jim777

    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    This has a 4 piece top?
  10. jim777

    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    That HLS is gorgeous, and LOVE 'The Fifty Nine' pickups, they are great. GLWTS!
  11. jim777

    Looking for help/advice on a first MIJ Les Paul

    It will lower the initial price, and the resale price. On a MIJ guitar, the maple veneer will be on more maple, so it won't sound any different just look a bit nicer. I personally wouldn't let it be a deal breaker for me if I liked the rest of the guitar.
  12. jim777

    First Les Paul!

    I believe the Chinese ones use the model identifier "ALS". The "LS" models are Japanese.
  13. jim777

    NGD...2017 HERITAGE H150

    Absolutely killer top!
  14. jim777

    Fresher Leo Nine

    I wonder how old that one is, the price tag in the case appears to say 40,000 yen?
  15. jim777

    Tokai facts, theory, photos & ID thread

    I'm looking at a Tokai that says "Neo-Select" on the headstock instead of "Love Rock", an LS-1959 model. the description says "Neo's proud Neoselect The ultimate guitar of the world's highest peak". Anyone familiar with these? Price wise it's about the same ( a little less) than a new LS-390.
  16. jim777

    Sold - Please delete

    Wow, wish I had something to sell that would get me $2100, I'd grab that in a heartbeat!
  17. jim777

    Gibson Deleted YouTube Videos. Mark Agnesi Fired?

    Seems like a good place to leave this...
  18. jim777

    Tokai facts, theory, photos & ID thread

    Are there places online from which you could purchase a new LS from the States? I have a daughter in Yokozuka but she knows nothing about guitars. EDIT: Ok, is there a reliable place in Tokyo, from which to purchase a nice Tokai, like an LS-390? Is anyone in Tokyo that's aware of something maybe...
  19. jim777

    New Tokai HLS day

    Point your friend at this one maybe?
  20. jim777

    Please recommend the best tele style guitars MIJ.

    It's ridiculous how good the newer MIM Fenders are, especially when you look at the cost. I got my Baja with upgraded Callaham compensated 3 piece brass saddles and the hard case for under $700. You can't beat it with a stick lol

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