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  1. spacebubby

    We've found the motherload...Bling, this is for you.

    We saw this slap chop remix version on tv for some reason and I had to find it on YouTube. :shock::laugh2: I found the sham wow remix from the same person. :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: YouTube - DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer - "Slap Chop Rap" YouTube - "Jam Wow" featuring Vince Offer...
  2. spacebubby

    I just wanted to share this with everyone.

    I love this, and just wanted to share it with everyone. :thumb: YouTube - PACO DE LUCIA , John McLaughlin , AL DI MEOLA
  3. spacebubby

    From the depthes...

    Out comes Conway Jimmy and Boletta Lynn! :shock: :laugh2: :lol::lol::lol:
  4. spacebubby

    Decorating for the holidays.

    Does anyone decorate the outside of their house for the holidays? Pictures would be a plus! :thumb:
  5. spacebubby

    Happy Birthday dennistruckdriver

    Happy Birthday!
  6. spacebubby

    Yet another new Social Group now open!

    Ok everyone, just started another new social group for all of us living in North Carolina, USA. It's MLP - NC Chapter! :D It's a place for us to talk about getting together for a jam...cookout...bands playing in the area...whatever. So come join (I know there's quite a few of us here)!!! :D
  7. spacebubby

    New Social Group open!

    Hey everyone, there is a new social group open. The MLP Groupies! :thumb: You don't have to be a girl or a "groupie" to join. We have Boleskinehouse as our MLP Groupie groupie. :shock: :laugh2: It's ok for you guys out there to join too and be a MLP Groupie groupie! :naughty: Don't be...
  8. spacebubby

    Show pictures of your old mustaches and mullets

    Ok, I got this idea from thinking about the old picture of Boleskinehouse and I back when we first met in 1997 and he had a mustache. Lets see everyone's old mustache and mullet pictures! :laugh2:
  9. spacebubby


    Hi, it's Boleskine's bitch. :laugh2:

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