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  1. Boss 302

    Favorite Oxymorons..

    Common sense. Because it is anything, but common.
  2. Boss 302

    Bummer. RIP Bob Kulick :(

    RIP, Rock In Peace Bob. Maybe, just maybe he is jamming with Malcolm.
  3. Boss 302

    What changes a good guitar player?

    Mark Agnesi? :naughty:
  4. Boss 302

    stolen identity

    I am not sure about your neck, of the woods. But I have been getting lots of emails warning, of covid 19 scams & hacks. Apparently the scammers & hackers are taking advantage, of the lock down. I hope you get it sorted, quickly.
  5. Boss 302

    2020 Cars are Fugly

    Now that made me, laugh. Reminded me of this. If you can't afford, a ford, dodge, a dodge.:naughty:
  6. Boss 302

    The Bad thing about exotic cars

    The question is, did you offer her a seat? :naughty::laugh2:
  7. Boss 302

    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    A bit perverse, to admit this here. I am listening to this right now, on mp3. :cheers2: Don't worry, I have it on vinyl as well. I just haven't set it up yet, looking for the right cabinet.:laugh2: Not that I am looking to hard, the lock down here sucks. You feel like a criminal, just going on...
  8. Boss 302

    Neil Young Talks About His Experiences and Influences

    Thanks for sharing. An interesting clip. :thumb:
  9. Boss 302

    Jobs beats Gates again

    LtDave, I think this pandemic. Is affecting some people, in ways the rest of us cannot realise. Take a chill pill, you will feel better for it.:laugh2: Or, do like i did, a covid19 infection training course.
  10. Boss 302

    Pussy Galore, no more.

    6, oh, dear lord.:laugh2: 1, causes me enough grief.:rofl:
  11. Boss 302

    #1 song on the charts the day you were born?

    All my loving ep, The Beatles. I feel so old :laugh2:
  12. Boss 302

    Stop Making Sense

    You are a mod? :laugh2: I thought Dave was a mod.:rofl: Bastards, I forgot, what day it was :cheers2:
  13. Boss 302

    I Just Found My Next Car

    A clip for you Dole. My car is similar to this, but uprated brakes, & suspension. As per the NSWHP, specification. Then, their is my specification. A better intercooler, & intake piping. Cold air intake, with enclosed pod filter. Walbro 460 fuel pump. 1000cc injectors, plus 4 inch dump pipe...
  14. Boss 302

    Harvey Leaves Rikers Island

    Man bear pig? That guy is lower than snake shit.
  15. Boss 302

    I Just Found My Next Car

    I think they might be 15's, looking at a lip in the wheel. By that, I mean a 14 inch center. With the tyre hoop, flared to take the 14" centre. Lots of 12 slotters, and GT 5 slotters, are converted to 15" the same way.
  16. Boss 302

    You guys love watches... go shopping for me.

    Thanks for that, interesting.
  17. Boss 302

    Virus Conspiracy, Travel, Prepping, Bitching

    Gin and pentatonic? :laugh2:
  18. Boss 302

    Guitars and Divorce

    How about this one?
  19. Boss 302

    Name two guitar heros.

    Uli Jon Roth, & Micheal Schenker
  20. Boss 302

    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    More LP, purchases today. Black Sabbath, Paranoid, Sabbath bloody sabbath & Masters of reality.

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