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  1. J.T.

    1972 Ampeg B-15N Portaflex bass combo amp

    For sale, 1972 Ampeg B15N Portaflex combo. This is one of the last of the tube rectified models, before they went to solid state rectifiers. The tube compliment are: 1x 5AR4, 2x 6L6GC, and 3x 6SL7. The head was purchased from the estate of Larry Rogers (, and...
  2. J.T.

    Epiphone Valve Junior w/Mercury iron

    Epiphone Valve Junior - Modded with Mercury Iron (PT, OT, choke) and an Eminence Patriot Delta Demon 10" speaker. There are also some board mods, which I did not do, so I haven't bothered to identify them, lol. It does sound damn good for a little bugger. Cab was cut to accommodate the larger...
  3. J.T.

    1965 Fender Reverb - $850, shipped

    1965 Fender Reverb. Date code OC, March 1965. Transformers dated 443, 421, choke 431. Filter caps have been changed and the rest of the circuitry looks untouched. Reverb tank (USA made Accutronics) looks recent. Presently running a 6V6 power tube - I bought a 6K6 for it, but honestly, the V...
  4. J.T.

    1982 Fender Super Champ - $750 shipped

    1982 Super Champ. 2x6V6GT, 18 watts, 10" speaker. Circuitry looks original. Chassis looks dented on left front corner, no operational effect, just cosmetic. Shiny bits have been replaced. Everything works as it should. Compact and loud - perfect for small gigs and bar jams. Ampwares will give...
  5. J.T.

    First '84 Spotlight I've ever seen

    I thought they were all made in '83. Maybe there's a few more than 213 out there - this one's 84 009... 1984 Gibson LES PAUL
  6. J.T.

    Forum keeps logging me out...

    Over the past month, if I go more than a day or so without jumping on the forum, I find that I've been bumped off and have to keep logging myself back in. Is this by design, or is something else going on?
  7. J.T.

    '61-65 LP/SG pickguard

    I have a pickguard (with screws) from a '61 Les Paul Standard (SG) for sale. Very good condition. Not completely flat (none this age are), but not so bad that it pulls at the screws or anything like that. Surface is great, not much scratching at all. $375, including PP fees and shipping to...
  8. J.T.

    NOS caps .022

    I have 4 pair of Cornell Dublier Greenie caps, .022mfd, 400VDC (yes, I'm keeping one pair for myself!). $15 per pair, shipped & paypal'd. Thanks for looking... ---JT
  9. J.T.

    Musicman HD130R half stack

    I am the original owner of this rig. The HD130R head was bought in '75 and the 212RH cab was bought in '77. Comes with factory covers and the original paperwork, including the receipts. Tube phase inverter. Also has Telefunken EL34's, installed at the factory. The only thing beat in the rig is...
  10. J.T.

    MusicMan 112-RP-65

    For Sale: MM 112-RP-65. Was gone through by a tech just prior to my purchase. Phasor components were replaced, general maintenance performed. Tubes were replaced with matched GT EL-34's. It appears to have lived most of its life near the beach, as all the shiny parts were rusty. I replaced as...
  11. J.T.

    1969 Fender dripedge Princeton

    '69 Princeton - Silverface - Dripedge grill. Has AA964 (blackface) circuitry, screw in speaker baffle (can easily swap for one that mounts a 12" speaker). Loud, clean, sparkly, Fendery blackface tone. On/Off switch and volume control were replaced with poor substitutes, and I swapped those for...
  12. J.T.

    All mahogany LP's

    I saw one in another post - said "no cap." Anyone have autopsy pics? I'd love to see how the routing/drilling was done if there's no cap. Thanks!
  13. J.T.

    1965 Fender Vibro Champ

    This one is a survivor in excellent condition. Even though the build date from the tube chart is April 1965, the panel still reads FEIC, and the build is the same as the pre-CBS '64's - PIO caps and big honkin' '50's resistors. Compare it to other blackface Champs (there's plenty of pics on...
  14. J.T.

    There's a Leo's on the Bay...

    1982 Gibson Leo's Music Les Paul Kalamazoo Owned by Moe Guitarist Al Schnier | eBay No affiliation...
  15. J.T.

    This is the way the DC Jr's should have looked

    Obviously someone took a singlecut and modified it. I love the look - like a Melody Maker, but more substantial. Enjoy! Vintage 1957 Gibson Lefty Les Paul Jr Electric Guitar 3 4 Player w Mods Gig Bag | eBay
  16. J.T.

    RCA NOS EL84's

    I just picked up a quad of el84's for a ridiculously cheap price. Going to stick them in my Dual Terror when they get here. It's still got the stock cheap Chinese tubes in it, so I'm sure anything will be an improvement. I know most folks go with the new JJ's in the Terrors, but I'm wondering...
  17. J.T.

    For the lefties!

    Saw this left handed doublecut Special on the Bay this morning - #181424689110. Headstock repair, refin. No affiliation, etc...
  18. J.T.

    '57 conversion

    Saw this on ebay & don't recall seeing it discussed here. Anyhow, despite the fact that I like it, does anyone else think the stopbar placement is eerily "Historic?" Or am I off base? Also, the logo doesn't "feel" low enough to me. Am I wrong here, too? 1957 50's Gibson Les Paul...
  19. J.T.

    The Price is Right, MLPF edition

    So every once in a while I forget the fact that there's only one year worse for a non-1% Les Paul lover to be born in, having been born in '58. And I allow myself to muse about owning a '58 LP Standard. So bring me back to Earth - what's a '58 Goldtop player with original PAF's, maybe not 100%...
  20. J.T.

    Just curious what I'd be in for...

    After seeing the ripping on boogieongtr for his '54-59 conversion, I just have to put this up & see what transpires. I have a '54 wraptail I bought late last year. It's had what looks to be a top only refin in gold, and it just doesn't look right - darker and duller than what I think a GT...

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