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  1. NimrodPiles

    Rickenbacker 381/12V69 Mapleglo UK

    Hi All Here is a 2002 Rickenbacker 381/12 V69 in mint condition. Purchased from the original dealer, who had it in the shipping carton from new, never sold previously, so although it is 13 years old I am the first purchaser. Bought only five months ago but have been offered another Rick that...
  2. NimrodPiles

    FS. Strymon Lex, El Capistan & Flint. UK Advert

    Hi All Three unmarked Strymon pedals with boxes and power supplies. Flint, El Capistan and Lex. £200 each or £500.00 for all three. West London based.
  3. NimrodPiles

    Bridport 2014. To record or not?

    During recent conversations with Phil, an idea was mooted that we record the Bridport 2014 meet on a multitrack. Piles has a digital 8 channel interface and an ADAT machine (or two). We simply put up eight mics and record it all. 3 or 4 of those mics will be output to the PA mixer as usual. We...

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