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  1. Matt_21

    FS: Dunlop CryBaby Wah

    Selling my Dunlop CryBaby Wah pedal. Works well. Pretty clean condition and has a bit of velcro on bottom for a pedalboard. $75usd Shipped and PP.
  2. Matt_21

    FS: Fender Greta

    For sale is an excellent condition Fender Greta. I've had this a few years and only used it a handful of times. I sold off all my electrics and have no use for it at the moment. Great practice amp or for noodling on the couch. Also sounds amazing through an extension cab. $250 USD shipped and PP...
  3. Matt_21

    Making Pipes

    So about this time last year I decided I was going to try making my own tobacco pipe. Some of you know from previous conversations/threads that I'm a cigar smoker and I smoke a pipe now and then as well. I found a kit online and for my first pipe used it. Since last year I've made a few more...
  4. Matt_21

    LF: My 1983 GoldBurst Custom

    Hey guys, A few years ago I stupidly sold my 1983 Gibson Les Paul Custom Goldburst. I would really like to get it back if I can find it. I did a deal with a member here at the time but, he may not be active here any more. It was an '83, had a gold Bigsby and the original tailpiece in the case...
  5. Matt_21

    NGD: Gretsch Jet Silver Sparkle

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I've played electric but, I've got the bug again. I was cruising around FB Marketplace and saw this Sparkly beauty listed at a decent price. The ad said it was only a month old. End of the story, I got a pretty good deal and a gig bag with it from the guy. My...
  6. Matt_21

    Under-rated drummers

    Was just listening to some stuff and thought "You know who was an under-rated drummer who should have been more widely known? Dallas Taylor." I've seen him backing up a few big names on concert DVDs and wondered why he wasn't more well known.
  7. Matt_21

    Went for a walk

    Went for a walk with the dog last night after work. Smoked a good cigar as we walked. Saw a really nice sunset as we were coming back. Really made me appreciate living where I do. That third picture is just steps down the road from my property. Maybe 100 meters. We get to see some nice sunsets...
  8. Matt_21


    New Capo Day. So, it was my birthday a few days ago and I got this beauty from my wife and kids. Thalia capo with my initials on it and inlayed with rosewood. Works great and looks great!
  9. Matt_21

    NGD: Martin

    Hey guys, I just picked this up yesterday. 1986 Martin D28. I love it so far. My only complaint is the bass is a bit...lacking. I'm going to try different strings on it. Should liven it up a bit. I'll add more pics when I have a chance. The back is beautiful. And I love the lighter lines on the...
  10. Matt_21


    New puppy day! Well, it was yesterday but, I was busy. We picked up our new great dane pup yesterday. He's got lots of personality and he even went all night last night without an accident...until just after I brought him in at 6 this morning. I should have kept him out a few minutes longer I...
  11. Matt_21

    Was just shown this at work

    Any of you guys big Mark Gormley fans? lol
  12. Matt_21

    Tube ID help

    Hey guys, I'm a rookie when it comes to old tubes and really amps in general. I can hear what I like but, all the wiring and components and physics of it all stumps me. Anyways, I have some tubes that I got tossed into a trade a while back and they're supposed to be NOS 12a_7s If I posted pics...
  13. Matt_21

    More chicks...too many!

    So there are more chicks at our place! My wife hatched one out of about a dozen and then bought a few to keep it company. Well they're 6 or so weeks old now and she ordered 8 more. So we have about 13 chicks in the basement. (at two different stages) Then, the other night we were expanding our...
  14. Matt_21

    NGD: Gibson Acoustic

    For the last while I have been wondering if there was a better sounding acoustic than my Martin D28. So, I listed it locally for trade only. I listed guitars I was willing to try (other D28s, D18s, D35, J45s, etc.) and waited to see who was interested. I had a lot of replies...lots for Mexican...
  15. Matt_21

    Not guitar but mandolin

    A few weeks ago I was clicking through the 'tube and stumbled across a phenomenal mandolin player, Chris Thile. I've been watching videos of him ever since. Any of you guys here fans or followers of this guy? I guess he's been playing in bands since he was very young. And has been a 'master' of...
  16. Matt_21


    Hey fellas. The nice weather is supposed to be coming so I got myself a boat again. Early last year I traded my 80's Peterborough Bowrider for a Seadoo and had some fun for the summer. Well then I got rid of the seadoo regretfully. Long story short I just traded my 4 wheeler for a 1996 Seadoo...
  17. Matt_21

    FS: Washburn WA30

    Hey guys, I have a Washburn WA30 acoustic amp I'm not using so I'm moving it on. It's in great shape, everything works, no scuffs or rips. Asking $250. I have it listed locally as well. Make an offer and let's get this thing from me to you. I don't have pics at the moment but it looks exactly as...
  18. Matt_21

    Chicks hatching this week

    So as of about October the flock is down to 7 birds. We've got a big handsome lavender orpington rooster, a silkie rooster, a buff Orpington hen, a sex link, a Wyandotte, a polish and a beautiful light brahma hen. All the girls started laying in late October and checking the eggs periodically...
  19. Matt_21

    Chicks at my place

    Well, we've got chicks. Picked them up 2 days ago. 11 in total. 2 buff orpingtons, 2 lavender orpingtons, 2 mottled cochin bantams, 2 blue cochin bantams, 2 silkies and one polish. Pretty cute little things. And my daughter loves them. She squeezes a little tight when she holds them but, she'll...
  20. Matt_21

    Door in the Sun?

    Wild. I'm skeptical. Aliens Entering Earth Through Door In Sun? |

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