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  1. jco.1

    Trade Feeler: 2014 R9 Sunrise Teaburst; looking for R0

    I have a 2014 R9 in excellent shape with all hangtags & OHSC, looking for a Bourbonburst R0 in equal condition, preferably from 2014 or later. Lower 48 only, cash +/- depending on the offer. I have plenty of other photos I could send to anyone with interest. Estimated weight is 9.4 lbs. using...
  2. jco.1

    FT: 1976 Les Paul Custom - Tobacco Burst

    I'm looking to trade a 1976 LP Custom in excellent condition; when I bought the guitar a few years back, the only major change from factory condition was that a prior owner added a set of 490R/490T pickups. Other than that, only an aftermarket bridge was installed. I've kept all the parts that...
  3. jco.1

    WTB: Gibson Protector Case

    In the event that anyone's looking to sell one of these cases, I'm looking for one of the earlier versions; red lining, three plastic latches. Excellent condition not necessary, but good latches and hinges are a must. If you've got one you want to sell, please shoot me a message. Thanks!
  4. jco.1

    FS: 2016 Traditional Limited Edition

    Bought this one earlier this year on this forum from jstarr823...great guitar, but I don't need 6 Les Pauls. At the moment. :naughty: I'm going to pass along the deal I got from Jeff on this one to whoever buys it. $1600 shipped with paypal. Firm. Here is the original FS post, along...
  5. jco.1

    Mods Please Delete

    Thinking about trading a near-completely stock '76 Custom; the only change from factory is an aftermarket bridge and a set of Dunlop strap locks. The stock bridge and strap pins would be included in the original hard case. I usually upgrade parts here and there on guitars I take in, but I...
  6. jco.1

    WTB: R8/RO VOS in Ebony (original condition)

    Long shot, but after a couple near misses I figured I'd ask if anyone has one that they may be thinking of selling. Hit me up with a price and some photos.
  7. jco.1

    FS: 1979 Greco EG-800 (Budokan)

    I'm selling a beautiful replica of Ace Frehley's Budokan guitar; this one is in excellent condition and I've added the Grover banjo button tuners that are included in the Gibson run of the reissues. Original gold tuners and a Gibson USA case in new condition will also be included in the sale...
  8. jco.1

    FS: Dent & Ding Special; 2015 Historic Lifton Style Case

    Fedex strikes again; my Ace Frehley TH arrived with a nice hole in the shipping box, with a matching ding in the case right where something apparently pushed into the back causing a decent impression that went all the way into the interior lining. Fortunately for me, this was in the area of the...
  9. jco.1

    FS: Custom Build Telecaster Type Guitar

    A recent amp purchase forces a sale of my New England Custom Guitars Telecaster style guitar. This has a really nice Mary Kay finish with very thin skin nitro. The super flamed maple neck (with a slab maple fretboard) is on the large side with a very comfortable soft U-shaped profile. The neck...
  10. jco.1

    FS: Marsh JCM800 Replica Head

    Selling my as new condition Marsh 2204 head; zero issues, and an absolutely smoking amp. And, it goes to 11! I just don't need two 50 watt heads any longer, so onto another owner. I'm the original owner, and bought directly from Marsh Amps a couple years back. Selling for $1000...
  11. jco.1

    FS: 2006 R8 Tobaccoburst (priced to move)

    Another opportunity has come up, and as much as it pains me to sell, I'm putting this one up on the block. One of the best LP's I've come across, in fantastic shape but not original. I've installed vintage '60's pearloid Grover tuners, Wolfetone Dr Vintage neck pickup, and a low wind MHD...
  12. jco.1

    FT: '06 R8, Marsh 2204 Replica Package

    Longshot, but let me know if anyone has any interest in a trade for my '06 R8 in faded tobacco and a Marsh JCM 800 2204 replica head. I"m looking for a '14 R8/R9 in dirty lemon for both items. Not much else. The R8 has vintage '60's pearloid Grover tuners, Wolfetone Dr Vintage neck pickup...
  13. jco.1

    New Greco Day

    1980 EG800; serial number 0 XXXX. Nice playing guitar. If it had better inlays, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between this and a USA built from the same era. I've had both. I haven't pulled the pickups, but I suspect the neck has been changed out. They sound decent...
  14. jco.1

    FS/OT: Marsh JCM800 2204 & 70's Marshall 4X12

    Recent purchases dictate a sale or trade to move some gear; I'm looking to sell or trade my Marsh Amplification JCM800 2204 clone head and late 70's Marshall 4X12 angle cab. The amp is in MINT condition, and has only seen light use around the house (no gigs). Hand built by Mike Marsh. All...
  15. jco.1

    FS/FT: 70's Marshall A Cab (New England Area)

    I just took in a 4X12 bottom cab, and don't have a need for two cabs at this point. This one is in very good cosmetic condition, and sounds terrific. No stains on the checkerboard grillcloth, no funky smells, etc. Loaded with G12K-85 speakers, which are the early version of the current...
  16. jco.1


    I'm looking for a set of four that would work in a late 70's Marshall cab; shoot a pm if you have any that you are looking to move out. Thanks!
  17. jco.1

    FT: 1979 LP Custom - Natural

    It's been a brutal winter up here, and I'm getting the bug for something different. I'm looking to trade my LP Custom for a Gibson R8 or R0; any finish other than faded tobacco would be of interest. The guitar is in fantastic shape, with very little worming on the back. Some flat spots on...
  18. jco.1

    FT: Marshall YJM100 - Mint Condition

    I'm thinking of trading my YJM100 and all packaged contents for a: 2013-14 R8 '68 RI Custom (ebony) Players condition R9 The amp is in pristine shape; with all documentation/manuals, headcover, footpedal, cords, etc. The only thing I don't have is the original shipping box. The...
  19. jco.1

    FS: Fender Vibro Champ (Silverface)

    FS, one excellent condition Vibro Champ from 1971 (based on code on stamped on chassis). No tolex issues, and sounds great. Functionality is excellent; no scratchy pots, and the vibrato circuit functions smoothly. The amp has seen some upgrades; the original Fender stock speaker is gone and...
  20. jco.1

    FS: 1971 Fender Vibro Champ

    FS, one excellent condition Vibro Champ from 1971 (based on code on stamped on chassis and Fender logo on the grillcloth). No tolex issues, and sounds great. Functionality is excellent; no scratchy pots, and the vibrato circuit functions smoothly. The amp has seen some upgrades; the original...

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