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  1. CustomClassic59

    Been gone for awhile...

    How've ya all been? Had a stroke (Diabetes... Sucks!!) back in March. Gettin' back to normal, tho. Missed bein' here. Ready to rock!! OK, gonna go read on... Greg:)
  2. CustomClassic59

    Namm, 2011

    Hey, Y'all- Any of you guys attending the winter NAMM show this year (in a couple weeks)? If so, I'll be playing for a bit at the ISP Technologies booth on Friday & Saturday afternoons. Come by & say howdy!! Hope to see you there... Rock & Roll, Greg
  3. CustomClassic59

    Anybody else out there dig the WCR Ironman set?

    Just curious... As I outlined in my post in the "WCR Betset" thread, I use & love the Ironman set above all others. Ceramic mag, wound hot. Lemme know, Y'all...
  4. CustomClassic59

    Hello From Northern Cali!!

    Hey, Y'all. Just wanted to introduce myself. Greg E Noll from Tuolumne, CA here. Looking forward to gaining new knowledge on my alltime favorite axe, and conversing with others who feel the same! I've been playing professionally for about 30 years. I played with metal group Villain during the...

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