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  1. Truth011

    Frozen tone pots

    So out of the blue both of my tone knobs on My 53/57 Goldtop conversion are frozen solid . They are 1957 pots and caps. The last time I played the guitar a few days ago they were working perfectly. Any thoughts?
  2. Truth011

    Conversion Weight Increase?

    Does anyone know what the weight increase is converting a 50's Goldtop to a stoptail humbucker guitar?
  3. Truth011

    1952 Goldtop Value

    In the march,2020 Vintage guitar magazine it shows the current values for a long knob with binding 1952 goldtop as $12,200. in poor condition and $15,800. in good condition. I'm going by memory so I may be off a little in the values but I'm wondering why those values are so much lower than...
  4. Truth011

    PAF Question

    What set of PAF's would be considered more desirable, an early 1957 pair with no stickers and stainless steel covers or a 61/62 short magnet set with nickel covers?
  5. Truth011

    Vintage Tuner Issue

    I have a first world problem that I'm looking for some input on from the vintage experts here. My 69 Custom's high E Kluson Waffleback tuner goes badly out of tune on the first bend. What I'm wondering is if there are direct replacement tuners available that I can use with the old bushings...
  6. Truth011

    How Many?

    I was playing my R9 this weekend and was thinking about the serial number (9 06xx). 9 is for 59 reissue 0 is for 2010 and 6xx is the number made for the year of production(3 digit serial number). My question is are there 4 digit serial numbers or are there only up to 999 1959 reissues made in...
  7. Truth011

    How many LSLP Customs?

    I'm in the process of trading for a nice mid 69 lp custom. It's got me thinking about how many they made from mid 68 until late 69.
  8. Truth011

    Explorer fret board wood?

    So I recently purchased a 2016 Epi Korina Explorer on a whim from a local music store. I had gone in to try out an Amos flying V but liked the neck and playability on the explorer better. Must say it is a bit of a looker as well. Anyway, I was told by the sales staff that the fret board is...
  9. Truth011

    My R9 is home-HMRDS

    So I sent my Yamano R9 out for a full deluxe makeover package. It came buck a week ago but this has been my first chance to post. The guitar was great before it was made over but I have wanted to change the color, neck shape and top carve for some time. I also asked Kim for the darkest strait...
  10. Truth011

    Pickup Issue

    I've noticed an issue with the bridge pickup on my 69 BB custom. it is a t top but I'm not sure if it has ever been rewound. so the issue is that the high g, b,and e strings lose OOMPH compared with the low strings most noticeable when played open. Any thoughts ?
  11. Truth011

    Ngd: Cc5 donna

    I have been looking for the right Donna for some time and I feel very fortunate to have come across this beauty. The top,neck shape,tone,feel,weight, its all there. #109. I think i'll keep it!
  12. Truth011

    HM Update

    Awhile back I had a bit of an issue with my truss rod nut on my 2012 HMRDS so I called Kim up and he said to send it down and he'd look after it. To cut to the chase Kim's crew worked their magic and when I received the guitar back I was floored with the result. It was a darkburst color before...
  13. Truth011

    Nut size Question

    My 69 Custom has a 9/16 bone nut. How common is it FOR 68/69 Customs to have this size ?
  14. Truth011

    Hm truss rod question

    Guys and Gals for those of you with Historic Makeover Guitars does your Truss Rod Bolt look like mine? On my other historics there is a C shaped washer where the nut meets the fretboard but i can't see one here. My guitar is a 2012 full RDS with the vintage trussrod installed. Hoping this is...
  15. Truth011

    NGD 69 Custom

    i've always been a fan of late 60's Custom's and found a great player. i do have a few questions about it though and would be gratefull if the Custom experts could chime in and tell me what i have. I was told it had 2 owners befre me. One of them sent the guitar back to Gibson to be...
  16. Truth011

    Pics for pics sake

    I recently posted some pictures of a new 2012 R8 HMRDS and as Frank adroitly pointed out my photagraphy skills are are little weak... So i played around with the camera this morning and took a few more shots. The last one is of the 3 Historics i have settled on. :fingersx:
  17. Truth011

    Ngd 2012 hmrds

    I came into this guitar halfway through the process. I got to pick the colour, neck shape and pickups. Kim and his guys do outstanding work and are a pleasure to deal with! The colour is Allman Darkburst. The aging and checking really give this guitar a vintage feel and Jon Gundy's MT-102...
  18. Truth011

    Pickguard question?

    One of the dead giveaways for telling a vintage les paul Burst vs. a Historic is how the pickguard fits against the horn cutout. On vintage guitars most of the pickguards are flush to the cutout. Interestingly on mid 1960 to late 60 Pauls the gap fit is more similar to Historics in general -...
  19. Truth011

    Burst conversion question

    For those of you fortunate enough to own or have played Burst Conversions how do they stack up against a STELLAR Historic or HM RDS?
  20. Truth011

    1969 lp custom

    Just noticed that Rumbleseat Southwest(Carmel Ca.) has a 69 Custom with 68 Specs on for $8,500. Not sure if it has any issues but that is a great price if anybody is in the market....

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