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  1. Les Zombie

    SOLD please delete

    This was a great run of guitars, me and my son each has a braz murphy painted weak tea R9 from this run and the color is awesome and even better inperson. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Les Zombie

    Did I Make A Huge Mistake?

    I bought both on reverb, one of the dealers was huber breese and i cant remember the other dealers name off the top of my head. the one with the crazy top i paid 7k and no tax, the other one i paid 7200 plus tax which came out around 7600. They was both built in 2018 and made for the japanese...
  3. Les Zombie

    Did I Make A Huge Mistake?

    I picked up a couple murphy painted braz R9’s a few months ago and paid 7k for one and 7600 for the other, ive seen plenty for 6k that isnt painted by murphy, and some in the 5500 range, so dont get scared off by people sayin 10k for a brazilian.
  4. Les Zombie

    Rossingtons anybody?

    I owned rossington 154 for a while, nice guitar. It was always my favorite looking rossington.
  5. Les Zombie

    Please delete.

    These are really cool guitars, i have 2 of them from this run that was weak tea brazilian murphys, this one is beautiful. If i didnt currently have 2 right now i would be all over this one.
  6. Les Zombie

    Historic Les 'em!

    Heres another murphy painted brazilian R9 that i bought, the top isnt as crazy on this one, and the color was a little too saturated on those pics i took, the color of the crazy top is the same as this one, its called weak tea, i was told it was a color murphy hadnt done before. Its from the...
  7. Les Zombie

    Historic Les 'em!

    thank you sir.
  8. Les Zombie

    Historic Les 'em!

    2018 braz R9 painted by murphy
  9. Les Zombie

    Sykes Les Paul reissue

    I want another sykes vos, anybody have one for sale.
  10. Les Zombie

    WTB- Gibson boneyard custom shop LP

    Looking for a gibson custom shop boneyard, i used to own #208, so if anybody owns that one or has a nice looking boneyard in mint condition with coa, lemme know. I seen the boneyards thats on reverb and ebay, but im looking to see if any forum members has one.
  11. Les Zombie

    WTB--2018 Brazilian Murphyburst

    Theres one on reverb that was listed earlier today. Looked nice.
  12. Les Zombie

    2018 Brazilian '59 vintage lemon

    Beautiful, is this sold.
  13. Les Zombie

    WTB: ESP Hetfield JH1/2/3

    Theres a jh3 with coa on ebay right now, not sure if your still looking for one, it isnt mine but i remembered this thread.
  14. Les Zombie

    WTB: ESP Hetfield JH1/2/3

    i doubt you will find them around here, keep checking reverb and ebay. Last week there was a jh3 on reverb but it sold for 5800, there might still be a jh1 on reverb. I own a jh2 and jh3 but they arent for sale.
  15. Les Zombie

    Fs: Gibson custom shop Slash LP with fishman

    heres my link to my reverb listing with more pics, the price is lower for forum members because i dont have to charge the reverb fees
  16. Les Zombie

    Fs: Gibson custom shop Slash LP with fishman

    Selling my gibson slash custom shop tobacco burst les paul with fishman powerbridge, not looking for any trades, mint condition, rarely played, comes with custom shop case and coa. Price $3650 plus shipping
  17. Les Zombie

    F/s- mesa roadster head $1000

    Mesa roadster head, conditon is very good and the amp works perfect, no scrapes or tears, there is a couple small marks on the top where i had another head sitting on it. Comes with the footswitch and manual, i dont have the cover for it. Price $1000 plus 75 for shipping Not looking...
  18. Les Zombie

    For Trade: Mesa Mark V:35

    Any intrest in a mesa roadster head.

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