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    New Gibson for 2018

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    Epiphone case UK

    Hi all is there anyone purchased a case for the epiphone or gibson from "flightcase warehouse" as I'm looking for one for my EP Casino and I'm trying for find out if these are any good thanks :fingersx:
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    The new Epiphone Wildcat

    HI all Has anyone taken a close look at the new WildKat does anyone agree with me that the pickups look to big for the guitar I have this size pickups on a Gary Clark Casino and I think it looks alright but take a look and let me know what you think, thanks guys New n Cool - Epiphone Wildkat...
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    NGD hope you like :-) My new guitar it's a Fender Deluxe Standard SMN ACB IOS connectivity aged cherry hope the connection to the picture works ok :-)
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    No markings on new 2016 head stock

    I was looking on Andertons music site at this Gibson 2016 Les Paul Standard Traditional Spec Translucent Amber and noticest that is has no marking ie USA2016 ,also no sieriel on the head stock I find that strange what happens when you go to sell it ? what do you guys think...
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    This is really good track

    youtube Neil Zaza-"Bari" in studio video Check this guy out I love the sound he produces with a guitar I do not know tell me what you think ? :jam:
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    New Gibson's for 2016 Anderton music have publish the Gibson 2016 models thought you might like to see :naughty:
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    New Gibson 2016 Les Paul Standard T

    Gibson 2016 Les Paul Standard T Guitar Center Just found this for 2016 model thought was interesting love the AAA top it seems the same as 2013 so you have got what you asked for :applause :applause:
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    To My Les Paul standard

    This has taken me ages to put this here on twitter but got there tell me if it works and you can see it thanks guys eventually:shock: It is a Gibson Standard 2013 premium flame AAAA in Tea Burst

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