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  1. J50315


    Yeah shipping about $60-$75 depending where you live in USA. One of those deals where the shipping is about as much as the case itself. Wish I could ship for free...
  2. J50315

    2019 Murphy painted 1990's burst R9

  3. J50315


  4. J50315

    P90 Madness!

    My 1998 all gold Yamano R6
  5. J50315

    2019 Murphy painted 1990's burst R9

    This was a limited run based off the 1990's big top R9's that Tom Murphy painted. It is not labeled a "60th anniversary" but it has all the 60th anniversary appointments on it. I bought it new and have played it twice at home since I purchased it. I have several other Les Paul's right now and...
  6. J50315

    NAD Marshall 2555x

    I had an original jubilee a few years ago. Cool amp for sure! Congrats
  7. J50315

    FS/FT CC#28

    Nice CC28! Any interest in selling that black flag? :fingersx:
  8. J50315

    70s can’t be that bad.....

    This was a mint factory full size humbucker 1979 Goldtop I had. One of the best sounding Les Pauls I’ve played. Sold it about a year ago because I had 5 other goldtops. Amazing guitar.
  9. J50315

    2006 Gibson R4

    Cool guitar! Nice toes btw
  10. J50315

    NAD 1979 Marshall JMP buyback

    I bought this MINT old JMP off the original owner last year and was in love with it. The original owner was a big Randy Rhoads fan so he had the one wire mod done to it back in the 80s. I had 5 other 100 watt heads at the time so I sold a few of them off including this one and have always...
  11. J50315

    CC#1 Historic Makeovers Greeny Conversion

    Very cool! I had considered sending my CC#1 to HM to do the same thing but I never have. Enjoy it!
  12. J50315

    NAD- Friedman Jake E Lee

    Anyone else here have one?
  13. J50315

    NAD- Friedman Jake E Lee

    The SS-100 was a little different. It had more of a Fenderish clean sound and the dirty channel didn’t carry as much gain. Was great for more classic rock stuff. The Jake amp has the plexi channel and the 2 voiced dirty channel, HUGE bottom end that can be dialed in with the thump knob and...
  14. J50315

    NAD- Friedman Jake E Lee

    Here she is, serial number 1. Jake owns the first one, serial number 0 if you will. This thing rips! So open and a real immediate feeling under the fingers. Easily the best amp I’ve ever played. Dave Friedman killed it with this run!
  15. J50315

    NAD- Friedman Jake E Lee

  16. J50315

    NAD- Friedman Jake E Lee

    Agreed!! She’s set to arrive Friday, will report back once I play it.
  17. J50315

    NAD- Friedman Jake E Lee

    So I’m pretty stoked about this one, I’ve had all the amps in the Friedman line but wasn’t able to get one before they sold out a couple months ago. I spoke with the man himself and I am actually going to be getting serial number 1 in the line. Anyone here got one? Can’t wait to run it in stereo...
  18. J50315

    Anyone looking to sell their Jimmy Page #1?

    There was a non-aged one that just sold on reverb, was on for less than a day. Asking price was $9699
  19. J50315

    FS: Aged 56 Gold Top Collectors Choice Prototype

    This is just plain awesome

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