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  1. jm55

    Mini 5 wire connectors for Gibson Les Paul and Epiphone Les Paul. A question.

    I have a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard that I bought used. It came with Burstbucker Pro pickups. I really don't like them. Too hot. They have five wire mini terminals on them to connect to a harness with multiple push/pull switches. I just bought a pair of Epiphone Probucker's, which have pretty...
  2. jm55

    Is there any way to tell if a humbucker is A2 or A5?

    I've searched a bit but haven't come up with anything yet. If one has an offbrand humbucker, is there any way to tell if it is an A2 or A5 magnet? Any sort of diagnostic test?
  3. jm55

    Question about 50's wiring - having a slight issue.

    I have a 2014 Gibson Les Paul Standard Lite that I bought used. The previous owner had re-wired it to Gretch wiring. I never really cared for it and decided to change it to 50's wiring. I jumped around and found a couple of diagrams that confirmed each other, and re-wired it. Now I have an odd...
  4. jm55

    Putting P90's in a 2016 Les Paul Standard?

    I have a 2016 Les Paul Standard. I have three LP's, but none with P90's, and I'm thinking this might be the right guitar to try them in. I trust one would have to re-route the body to put in a true soapbar P90, so I'm wondering what other options there are. Can anyone here recommend a P90 that...
  5. jm55

    Non-invasive tremolo units for Les Paul besides Bigsby?

    Are there any good aftermarket tremolo units that behave more like Floyd Rose or Kahler tremolo's, e.g., deep dive bombs with full bar depression? I had a Bigsby B5 on my 2000 LPS, but it just didn't do what I wanted, which was more extreme bends, so I took it off. A quick google search turned...
  6. jm55

    Gretch vs 50's wiring?

    I have a 2014 LPS Light, and the previous owner, who I know casually, changed the wiring to Gretch. Of course the Light's came with a switch for something instead of two tone pots, so I can understand the reason to rewire. I asked what advantages Gretch wiring had, and he cited the fact that if...
  7. jm55

    Can't find Burstbucker 1 or 2 at Gibson's website. Are they discontinued?

    I have BB1 and 2 in my 2014 LPS Light, and really like them. I'd like to put a set in my 2000 LPS (which has Dimarzio DP195's right now), but I don't see a listing for them at Gibson's website. I see others like 57 Classic, 498T, etc., but no BB's. I'd call Gibson, but they're closed now. Anyone...
  8. jm55

    A/B comparison of Blackstar ID:Core Beam 2X3 to Yamaha THR10?

    I have a number of good tube amps, but my daily driver is a Blackstar ID:Core Beam 10. Looks like a little lunch box, but the sound is terrific for bedroom levels. I had a chance to try the Yamaha THR10 ii (2nd generation) the other day and was really impressed, although admittedly, I didn't...
  9. jm55

    Question for Universal Audio Ox owners

    I know the Ox can act as an attenuator, and I know it has cabinet simulators, but does it have any amp simulators? In other words, could you run it direct into a DAW without using an external amp?
  10. jm55

    Vintage style locking tuners-Gotoh vs Kluson

    My new 2014 Les Paul Standard Light does not stay in tune nearly as well as my other Les Paul with Locking tuners, so I am in the market for an upgrade. In Kluson style tuners the choices are Kluson Locking Revolution and Gotoh Magnum Lock Traditional. I am wondering if anyone here has seen...
  11. jm55

    2014 LPS bridge question about re-profiling saddles.

    I have a 2014 Les Paul Standard Light I just bought. It plays wonderfully, but I play with a lot of palm mute, and the edge of the E string saddle is sharp, and it's bothering me. The easiest fix would be to just file the corner round on the one saddle, but I'm wondering if this is an invitation...
  12. jm55

    2014 Les Paul Standard Light - Perhaps modified - what are these controls?

    I just bought a 2014 Les Paul Standard Light in Heritage Cherry Sunburst. It has BB1 and BB2 for pickups. The controls are odd, at least for me, but then I'm not a Les Paul expert. In the middle position, when either pickup volume is rolled off to zero, the guitar still plays. Every other guitar...
  13. jm55

    Stewmac nitro touch up pen for headstock dings?

    I just put a good ding in the headstock of my 2014 LPS while taking it out of the case. It clipped the brass latch tang. It's about the size of a pea, essentially a flat crater. Obviously it has to be filled to some degree, but I'm wondering about the flow of the pen and whether it would...
  14. jm55

    Pole piece spacing on Burstbucker Pro's in a 2016 Les Paul Standard

    I just measured the pole spacing on the pickups of my 2016 LPS, and both bridge and neck are spaced the same at 1.950" or 49.5mm. The actual string spacing at the bridge pickup is 1.988" or 50.50mm, and at the neck pickup it's 1.880" or 47.75mm. By my reckoning, the bridge pickup pole spacing...
  15. jm55

    Aftermarket upgrades to modern hardware?

    I love Les Paul's, but admittedly I'm not as knowledgeable about them as most MLP members. I know that some say the old hardware has tonal advantages. I'm curious to know if there are any interesting aftermarket bridges and tail stops out there that are worth considering. Has anyone here...
  16. jm55

    Making sense of BB Pro's being "four conductor" yet actually connecting to the controls using five wires.

    I have to admit my understanding of pickup wiring is spotty. I've even made my own single coils in the past, but four wire humbuckers are a bit of a mystery to me, and more so now since I peeked in the cavity of my new 2016 Les Paul Standard and discovered the BB Pro's connect to the PCB with a...
  17. jm55

    Gov't Mule - Essential albums?

    I recently discovered Gov't Mule on youtube, and I'd like to pick up a couple of albums to dig into the catalog. For those that know the band, what are some of their best albums that lean on the heavier side?
  18. jm55

    '57 Classic 4 conductor - Do they come with the harness?

    I just bought a 2016 Les Paul Standard. It plays terrific, but I'm on the fence about the pickups. Would like something unpotted and not quite as hot, or with weaker magnets. The only option that seems to fit the bill as far as Gibson pu's go is the '57 four conductor, but I'm wondering if they...
  19. jm55

    What kind of strings did 2016 Les Paul Standard ship with?

    Just picked up a 2016 LPS, but I'm not sure I like the strings. I believe they're factory. What string did they ship with? I'm also curious about pickup height. Apparently Gibson spec. is 1/16" on bridge and 3/32" on neck, but I'm guessing that's for their alnico 2 loaded pu's. Wouldn't the BB...
  20. jm55

    2016 Les Paul Standard - Usefulness of coil split and phase inversion?

    I understand the 2016 Les Paul Standard's have coil splitting push pull pots. How useful are these features of coil splitting and phase inversion? I've read criticisms of humbucker coil splitting in the past but I'm curious to hear some new opinions.

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