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  1. Aubertignac

    What are PUs on your LesPauls?

    What are the pickups on your Gibson Les Pauls? Originals parts ? Or other ? :hmm: For me : Epiphone Les Paul Standard MIJ => Gibson 57 Classic Gibson Les Paul Studio => Dirty Dogs PAF Gibson Les Paul 1959 Collector's Choice #1 => Bare Knuckle PG Blues Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue...
  2. Aubertignac

    How to "aged" a Gibson "Lifton Case"

    Bonjour. J'ai deux Les Paul Gibson "aged", une Murphy et une CC#8... Et je trouvais ça dommage d'associer ces deux instruments à un étui tout neuf... J'ai commencé à regarder les prix en particulier chez Historic Makeover pour un Lifton "aged"... Bah à 1000 euros sans le transport, j'ai vite...
  3. Aubertignac

    NGD : Gibson Les Paul 1959 CC#8 The Beast - Dirty Lemon (2013)

    Afer my CC1 VOS... Now my CC8 Aged ! :hippie: More détails Les Paul Family pic : From left to right : Studio (1993), Epiphone MIJ (1999), CC#8 The Beast (2013), CC#1 Greeny (2010), R9 Tom Murphy (2011). :thumb: I'm happy !!! :slash:
  4. Aubertignac

    [Help] Guitar Pro Tab : Bluesbreakers "A Hard Road" album with Peter Green ?

    Hello. I try desperately to score the album "A Hard Road" as a file guitar pro. Thank you for your help.:thumb:
  5. Aubertignac

    Buy a Lifton Case "Aged"

    Hello ! :wave: Where can I buy an aged Les Paul Lifton Case please? I am looking for a seller who ships in Europe. Thank you ! :cool:
  6. Aubertignac

    NGD : R9 Lemon Burst Tom Murphy

    Hi everybody :thumb: :cool:
  7. Aubertignac

    Welcome to my R9 VOS !!!

    I fell in love with this guitar... With my LP Studio :
  8. Aubertignac

    What do you think about this CD cover ?

    I love it !!! Is it the Peter Green's Les Paul on cover ?
  9. Aubertignac

    Historic Collection or V.O.S. ?

    Hello. My guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Studio '93 and my dream is coming : to buy a Reissue Gibson Les Paul ! Two guitars interest me : - a '59 Reissue "Historic Collection" (year 2001) - a '59 Reissue "V.O.S." (year 2007) This guitars are in perfect condition and I need you to...
  10. Aubertignac

    Burstbuckers VS 57'Classic

    Hello. I'm french, sorry for my english. What différence please between 1) 57 classic / 57 classic plus 2) Burstbuckers Because I will buy a Gibson Les Paul VOS (burstbuckers) or a Gibson Les Paul Reissue (57 classic). Thanks.

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