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    Recording problem: MacBook Retina + iRig

    Hi Guys, I am trying to connect my guitar into my computer and record my music but am having some trouble with it. My problem is that no matter what I do, while recording, my sound level keeps fluctuating. I start recording and the sound level is good. Then, the volume drops, and comes back up...
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    FS: Gibson Custom Shop Historic Reissue Case (2)

    Came with my 2009 Gibson '58 Historic Reissue Les Paul Standard. Super clean. Moving out of my state so, selling all my gear. Asking for $299 + PP + Shipping PS: I have a bunch of other stuff for sale. Check out under my user name !!! PM me with any questions. For pictures...
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    FS: Gibson Custom Shop Historic Reissue Case (1)

    This case came with my 2001 Gibson '54 Historic Reissue Les Paul Custom. Besides some wear on the handle and some normal discoloration on latches, it looks super clean. Moving out of my state so, selling all my gear. Asking for $275 + PP + Shipping PS: I have a bunch of other...
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    FS: KORG MicroKORG XL synthesizer

    Thanks for looking. I am moving out of state. So, selling most of my gear. This synth looks brand new. This is a step up from Korg MicroKorg. A ton of vintage and new tones. This is a professional level synth. Used in several of your favorite albums. You can play around and make your own sounds...
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    FS: ORANGE AD30 2 Channel guitar amp with Pro-level Road Case

    Thanks for looking. Moving out of state, so selling most of my gear. My loss is your gain!!! ;) I don't think there is much needed to be said about these amps since Jimmy Page is playing through one. Total Crunch machine! 2 Independent channels. If one channel goes out (preamps), you can...
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    FS: 1979 GIBSON Les Paul Custom

    Thanks for looking. Moving out of state so selling most of my gear...My loss is your gain ;) It has mahogany body, maple top, maple neck and ebony fretboard. It doesn't have the sandwich body if you are curious. No breaks, no repairs, etc. Besides the pickups, it is 100% stock. It has a...
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    Gibson LPC '54 Custom Shop Reissue on Ebay

    No affiliation and it says it is from 96 but it is most likely a 97. Looks pretty cool. Check it out... 1996 Gibson Historic 54 Les Paul Custom Reissue 1954 Custom Shop 711106952611 | eBay
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    Forum bros, fret dressing help needed in Albany (Upstate NY) area, any suggestions ?

    I just got a new Gibson LP and G and B strings were buzzing. I played around with the action, bridge, nut and I did give it some neck relief. Still the same buzzing was going on, so next day I looked at the frets and couple of them are worn. Not too bad at all but I definitely need a fret...
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    G&B strings buzzing between 5th&12th frets, trussrod adjusted, any help ?

    Set up: Regular LP, tunomatic, stop tailpiece. Strings: I usually use 10s but this set is 11s or maybe 12s, not sure. My action is medium-high, basically 2 credit cards slip under the low E (open) on 22nd fret easily and there is still a little bit of extra space there, almost enough for a...
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    SOLD : Double cream 70's Dimarzio Super Distortion 4-conductor pickups

    Selling a 70's Super Distortion with four conductors, namely Dual Sound. only difference from a SD is that you can coil split these I have 2 of these humbuckers. Pickups came out of my 79 Gibson Les Paul Custom, which is also listed for sale here ...
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    FS / FT: 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    I am selling my beloved 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom in heritage cherry burst. Mahogany body, maple top, maple neck and ebony fretboard for extra clarity. It has all the tone and mojo you could find in vintage instruments. It doesn't have the sandwich body, if you are curious. Nothing is wrong...
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    Wizz PAFs vs Tim Shaw PAFs

    I know it sounds like apples and oranges but I wanna know about your experience. Especially if you used both sets. What is your opinion about either pickups ? Which one would you go with and why ? What are the things you like/hate about each set ? Rollin'...
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    WTB: 70's Reissue of '54 Les Paul Custom

    I am looking for a 70's reissue of a '54 Gibson Les Paul Custom; the one with p90 and Alnico5 pickups. Anybody has one or has a lead for one ? I am mostly looking for a player's grade one but all are welcome if the price is right. Also, if it is below 9lbs, it would be ahead of the game...
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    Differences between 70's Reissue of '54 LP Custom and more recent reissues ?

    I am in the market for a 70's reissue of 54 Les Paul Custom. Do you know what is different between the 70's ones and the more recent reissues ? I am curious about the quality and playability comparison mostly... I know some of the newer reissues have maple tops but I am not sure what else...
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    1972 Gibson LPC '54 reissue question - about value ?

    Hi Guys, I have been looking for a 54 Le Paul Custom Reissue for awhile now. These guitars don't show up often, not even the recent reissues. There is one at the bay right now, I was wondering if any knowledgable people could help me figuring out how much this particular guitar would go for...
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    1958 LP Jr double cut away w/refin, how much ?

    How much would a 58 LP Jr double cutaway with a refinish go for ? In decent condition and no breaks, etc.
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    Strap for a heavy lester: Comfort Strapp /Levy's / Gibson ?

    Hi Guys, I know there has been strap posts before but I have a more specific question here. I am looking for a wide strap (3-4 inches) and possibly with memory foam. I have couple of candidate straps for my heavy lester/ I was wondering if any of you had any experience with any of the...
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    NGD + R8 review + love at first sight, now with pix!!!

    SCROLL DOWN FOR PICTURES!!! :naughty: I have been hearing about the Gibson Historic Reissues for awhile now. Recently, I started getting curious about how they sounded. I played tens of LPs recently and to be honest, none of them spoke to me or made me feel like :"Gosh, I should have...
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    2009 R8 for $2200, should I pull the trigger or not ?

    Guys, Somebody is selling a 2009 R8 for $2200. Top is really interesting looking. I am really digging it. Some paint chips at the back. Definitely not a babied one but top looks clean. No chips or dents or scratches. What is different in 2009 models, anybody knows ? Also thought tops...
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    Guitar stores in NYC, which carry Reissue Historics ?

    I am in the market for a used R8 but am also interested in checking out other historic reissues as well. In a week or two, I will be going to NYC. I know it is not the best place to buy guitars but I just want to check some guitar stores out, play as many new/used historic reissues as...

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