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  1. SingeMonkey

    EDS 1275 - mid 70's Restoration - Aug 2019 - Final update !!!

    Very nice. You must be stoked. Enjoy that guitar.
  2. SingeMonkey

    I Bought a Les paul Traditional and i kinda regret it...

    I'm considering letting my '84 LP Deluxe (weight relieved) go at 6kg. I'm a slender guy in my mid '40s and I've hurt my back quite seriously with it just standing and playing. Now that's going to vary from person to person for sure. But it just means I don't want to play this guitar. Also at...
  3. SingeMonkey

    NGD '79 Custom

    Very cool. Can't be coincidence that it played that hard without ever getting modded.
  4. SingeMonkey

    Request for a sub sub forum for us

    It's a cool idea. But it's hard to imagine it will happen with all the pressure that a certain un-named, litigious guitar company beginning with G and ending in N has put on this forum. Pity Henry's book, "Sue Your Business Profitable," has been cancelled.
  5. SingeMonkey

    NGD 2005 LS-150

    One of the best Tokai tops I've seen.
  6. SingeMonkey

    want to add a Bigsby B7/replacement roller bridge

    No. Don't get one. They have a reputation for being massive tone sucks and there's absolutely zero problem with a good old ABR1 bridge with a bigsby. If you're worried about the mythical tuning problems with Bigsbys, you're looking at the wrong end of the guitar. It's the nut. It's almost...
  7. SingeMonkey

    I want a Gibson. Head Vs Heart!?

    And don't believe the fanboys who tell you Gibson quality is as it's always been. That's patent nonsense and self-deception. That's another good reason to buy a '90s LP. Yes, there were flaws then. But not in the astonishing abundance of recent years.
  8. SingeMonkey

    I want a Gibson. Head Vs Heart!?

    My two cents: If you want a Gibson, buy a Gibson. You might get a better guitar from another maker, but it won't satisfy you until you've had your Gibson. Buying used is not 2nd best. It's first prize. Guitars are not cars. The only time they depreciate is when you take them out of the shop the...
  9. SingeMonkey

    Ideas for my 1924 Gibson L-3

    Congrats! I'm guessing you won't want anything that requires a body mod. What about those external condensors that attach to the body bout with an arm that brings them round?
  10. SingeMonkey

    NGD ! SG Standard

    Beautiful SG to start with and I really love the mods you're making. Did you just rub off the headstock decal? Looking forward to seeing it with the ABR1. Can't stand Nashville bridges. That Trans black though is almost the same colour as my plain mahogany AY sig SG. Maybe just a little less red.
  11. SingeMonkey

    Good And Cheap....2014 SGM

    Get a blank 'long nipple' vintage style TRC. Get pickup covers. Get an ABR1 bridge that'll drop onto the Nashville posts. Those would be my moves. Love that it has the '60s deep bevels. Good call on the pickguard.
  12. SingeMonkey

    Momose vs Navigator Les Paul Custom

    Really not sure why you're not including the Tokai premium custom. It hits *all* of your specs: I believe they all have fret-edge binding. Quite a number available used because they've been making these for decades. Only thing is...
  13. SingeMonkey

    P90 guitar recommendations

    The Tokai LS132S is probably the best bang-for-buck LP on the market. Tokai p90s are amazing - so there's no need for a pickup swap. Builds are flawless. Vintage styled with ABR1 bridges. Goldtops so no veneer. No weight relief or chambering yet very reasonable weight. Basically a current LP...
  14. SingeMonkey

    Removing the factory Bigsby from a Gibson ES-335

    If the issue is your guitar not staying in tune, it's simple. Just fix it. 99.9% of the time it's just a poorly cut nut. Get it sorted by a luthier and you'll have no tuning problems with the bigsby - even if you're using it regularly.
  15. SingeMonkey

    Tour report of the Gibson Memphis Factory

    Binding scraping is the most involved process eh? Wonder why the binding on my 2008 AY sig SG looks like it was done by an orangutan on meth then? All the weird secrecy. I'm sure the people who work there are really great people. But the bottom line is that Henry really dropped the ball...
  16. SingeMonkey

    2017 Gibson 335... Build quality questions

    It's a crapshoot - like people are saying. Don't believe there's anything so special about Memphis guitars that it's a slam dunk. The last recent 335 I played was dead as a doornail in terms of resonance. And the finish looked super plasticky. I'm sure they put out tons of great guitars. But...
  17. SingeMonkey

    NGD: (Another) Gibson SG plus P90 Conversion

    I like it when people have good taste in guitars.
  18. SingeMonkey

    Which LP-type : Precision GK, Tokai LS186, Gibson 2017 Standard/Classic

    I'd say Gibson historic pickups are closer to PAFs than Tokai MkIIs. There were good pickups - pro quality. Just a little hot and modern for my tastes. The guitar sounded great. But putting good PAF clones into it really took it over the top into classic 'burst territory.
  19. SingeMonkey

    NGD! 2013 Gibson SG Original

    Get a drop in ABR1 '50s/'60s style bridge to replace the huge fat Nashville one. Personal preference, of course. But it makes a gibson way more elegant.
  20. SingeMonkey


    Kinda odd. I got a pretty nice wide bevel TRC from a Korean company (wasn't gonna pay G prices for a piece of plastic) and it dropped in perfectly on my LS150. Dunno if the TRC was slightly differently drilled or whether your headstock was. Beautiful guitar. Sounds like a real player.

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