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    68 Fender Princeton, Deluxe, Twin- reissue

    The official marketing info for these are up on the Fender site... Vintage Modified Amps | Series | Fender®
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    FT: Either my Catalinbread Galileo or Catalinbread RAH

    Posted this a month ago. Changed my mind. Mods please delete if possible. I can't seem to find a way to edit the original post.
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    FT: Either my Catalinbread Galileo or Catalinbread RAH

    ... for your Catalinbread DLS MKIII. I'd like to try it out but not have to shell out yet more $$. (Well, other than shipping...) Both pedals are under a year old. Bought from PGS! :)
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    Belated NGD: 2010 R8 Lemonburst

    It's gonna take years of playing and exposure to get it to look like yours. :P
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    Belated NGD: 2010 R8 Lemonburst

    A resurrected post! Yeah, there was something under that pickguard. It was newspaper wedged up from packing. Never knew it was there for a while... :)
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    So, What'cha listen to today?

    Gary Clark, Jr. at ACL Festival in Austin. So awesome.
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    Guys That Got Me Started

    I recently (re) discovered these guys. My new fave song from them is "Reflections in a Palace Lake." If anyone has tabs for this song, would you mind forwarding them onto me? It'd be much appreciated. :)
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    NGD: '07 R8 Plain Top Lemonburst

    Very nice! :) Welcome fellow Lemonburster!
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    so...You won a million $ ...which 57-60 Les Pauls would you pick ???

    I can't find that post from ~2 months ago where someone inherited a (basically) pristine '59 LP. I'd totally get that one. :P
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    NGD: My R0 ...My first LP

    Very good looking R0, seems perfectly painted! I don't mean to derail this NGD thread, but I'll just leave this here... Because Race Car | A Q&A Site where there is only one A to all Qs – Because Race Car
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    Polish for reissues

    Plus one to virtuoso!
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    Pro Guitar Shop coupon codes?

    Yup, BBQ15 is for 15% off and is expires today.
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    2008 G0 Darkburst 1960 Reissue

    Finally! Grats to you and the new owner!
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    NGD: 2007 Iced Tea R8 [pic heavy]

    Pic-heavy... the best kind of post... :P
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    Best Peter green pickups on R9?

    Discovered something new to drool over today... thanks, Justin! :P
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    New Mayer........

    What's your take on Walt Grace?
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    2010 R8/R9 GC Stinger

    GASeous indeed. Burp! I mean bump! :P
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    Belated NGD: 2010 R8 Lemonburst

    So... Virtuoso... it's good. Maybe too good. I started to fall asleep on the couch last night with my guitar. Still awake enough to catch it slide oh-so-easily-off my lap! :laugh2:
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    All Gold, Gold top 2000 Les Paul

    Maybe it was previously used by Johan "Goldmember" van der Smut? :P

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