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  1. rocknroll1385

    TC Flashback vs Alter Ego V2

    Anyone have experience with both, and have an opinion on which is better to your ears? Not that any one is considered better, just want to hear some personal thoughts to consider. Had my heart set on the Alter Ego V2, but as the days go by the Flashback interests me more and more. Ready, set...
  2. rocknroll1385

    My Berklee Audition!

    Hey friends! It's been a while. I actually just auditioned at Berklee College of Music not too long ago, and am waiting to hear back. Personally I thought it went well; I thought I played the heck out of my piece, improvising over a 12 bar was not bad, and sight reading was not too bad either...
  3. rocknroll1385

    White Limba myth?

    Is white limba poisonous? I really don't remember where I heard this but can anyone confirm if this is or isn't true? Thanks :)
  4. rocknroll1385

    Fretboard from scratch

    Hey guys, I'm working on my build and all of a sudden a sweet deal pops up on a piece of braz rosewood. I don't want to have to buy a milter box, i just wanna buy the fret saw and depth guard. Would that be too hard with a square and the saw with depth gauge, should I do it, or just stick with...
  5. rocknroll1385

    A fun little surprise for my friends in the Luthier's Corner

    Hey guys! So technically this probably belongs in the vintage les paul section, or backstage, but I wanted to show my friends in the Luthier's Corner this first. So here we go! I've always wanted to see a real 59 burst, and recently made a trip to the rock hall, and saw 4 in one day!!!! One...
  6. rocknroll1385

    My first burst!

    Hello all! :) Well, I've always admired the work of Mr. Tom Bartlett, Greco, and many more members on this wonderful forum. I've always thought to myself "dang, I wish I could do that :shock:", they all turn out great. I have built some Warmoth parts guitars in the past, but nothing from...
  7. rocknroll1385

    Pickup plane?

    Hey guys! Been spending a lot of time researching on building les pauls. I understand how the pickup plane relates to the neck angle and everything, but I'm not quite getting how you get the angle of it on the body of your les paul :squint: . Some sort of jig? I've seen the box jig, but isn't...
  8. rocknroll1385


    Hi all! I have a quick question. I plan to do a build here pretty soon, and have started gathering parts and what tools from stew mac should I buy? Precision router base? I'm going to need that for inlays anyway, can I use that for binding? Thanks in advance, Cheers :slash:
  9. rocknroll1385

    Vintage accurate paints?

    Hi all! Just was wondering, if I was to refinish a les paul, and wanted the finish to be to late 50's sunburst specs, what paint would I use? I know the back is aniline dye, does stew mac's colortone liquid stain have aniline dye in it? What about the top? Would this be vintage accurate and...
  10. rocknroll1385

    Epi LP fret level and crown

    Hi all, My Epi goltop LP has frets that are flat and have ever-so-slightly dented frets. I think its time for a fret level and dress. My question is, I've never done it before, but I know how to set guitars up. Should I buy the tools necessary and do it, or take it to the guitar center garage...
  11. rocknroll1385

    Neck Pup cap question

    Hi all, While my standard is getting its headstock fixed, I stumbled upon a question. I'm getting 2 Duncan 59's with alnico 2 magnets, and wanted to use another rs vintage kit, I love their kits. Last time I used 2 .022 luxe bees, and was going to do the same, but the complete kit with the...
  12. rocknroll1385

    Epi Les Paul Standard Headstock break help

    Hey guys, So, I need some help. This was my first Les Paul, so it means a lot to me, the headstock broke. My guitar tech says he'll do it for $150, including a new nut. But The break looks pretty clean... Maybe I could do it myself? Kinda scared about it though, I've never done this before...
  13. rocknroll1385

    Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker

    Saw a video on youtube, they sound awesome. Thoughts? Where to buy? How much?:slash: :dude:
  14. rocknroll1385

    '59 sounds

    Hi all! So I finished rewiring my goltop, with some Gibson '57's, sounds killer! I also have an epiphone les paul standard, but here's the part where you guys help out:dude: this was the first Les Paul I ever bought, so it means a lot to me. Well I need another guitar for my band, and this thing...
  15. rocknroll1385

    50's wiring help... Please

    So i re wire my les paul with an rs guitarworks vintage kit. I am a teenager, so it took me a half year to save up for everything. Pickups, the kit, braided wire, everything. This was my first time soldering, I have just a plain 40 watt weller, but im positive i know how to do this, and I...
  16. rocknroll1385

    Gibson Les Pauls using backed maple?

    Hi, So I am looking into buying my first gibson, (I have an epiphone) and just wanted to know why gibson is using baked maple and other woods instead of rosewood? Thanks

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