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    Heard crack in NEW Martin HD28

    His point is valid, and I don't see any insults. I also don't see how the fact that you had a seperated brace on a 12-string (with twice as much string tension) relates to a sound that none of us heard on OP's 6-string guitar. Personally, I wouldn't go stating things like that as if it's a fact...
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    Is it just me... Gibson/Epi

    You know you're doing the same thing by proxy, intentionally or otherwise. Wether you're the guy trashing them, or the guy talking about those other people who trash them, the end result is the same. Sometimes you should just keep it to yourself. :)
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    Orange is pretty cool I guess. :)
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    Orange AD15 vs OR15

    Throwing my hat in here... I wouldn't put the AD series in the same group as any of the Terror amps or the OR15 because it really doesn't sound like them. The AD series is tube rectified (all other current production Orange amps have solid state rectifiers) with less gain and heaps of classic...
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    Brand origin vs. manufacturing location...

    What they're capable of doesn't matter if most manufacturers arn't taking advantage of those capabilities. I said most, not all. I never said great guitars didn't exist overseas, I cited specific examples. Gibson, Fender, PRS, the three largest guitar companies in the world, all use overseas...
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    Brand origin vs. manufacturing location...

    You've defeated your own arguement. If US importers ordered high quality guitars from asian sources, i'm sure they'd be great. But they don't. Gibson, Fender, PRS, etc. use overseas manufacturing for their low-end models to cut costs and you get what you pay for. It's not about what they could...
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    Cowtown Guitar Consignment Sale

    They're either doing their job or they arn't. Get your money back now, not ~5 months down the road when you have to produce all of this evidence again and come up with an answer when they ask why you waited so long.
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    NEW ORANGE OR15 stopped working!!!!

    Sweetwater did this for me when FedEx destroyed my 2x12. Even cross-shipped it.
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    Does anyone think they were better off before.....

    I wouldn't mind remaining ignorant of the fact that I badly want all of these things. :run:
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    Does anyone think they were better off before.....

    I've never thought I was better off with less knowledge and foresight, no. That includes knowing when to spend more, when to spend less, and when to shut up and play.
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    Open Back or Closed?

    If it matters to you, the open back is made in China and the closed back is made in Europe and the USA. The open back is smaller with the speakers stacked diagonally while the closed back is larger with the speakers side-by-side. I'd say the sound is largely a personal preference, but you're not...
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    Guitar "Knock-Off's" with Amazing Tone

    Then it'd probably be a good idea to open with that rather than "Knock-Off's with Amazing Tone" since there's a lot more to "amazing tone" than just the guitar. :)
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    Guitar "Knock-Off's" with Amazing Tone

    There's so much distortion here that it would sound the same wether it was a $5,000 custom shop guitar or a cinderblock. You can't really make a point about the tone of his guitar when it's being plugged into who knows how many thousands of dollars worth of amplifier, effects, and PA equipment.
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    Feel like a dumb ars. Scratched my new DT SG :(

    It sucks but you'll get over it. When I was 15 I saved up to buy an SG Special and the day after I brought it home I lifted the headstock into a ceiling fan and put a big dent in it. Live and learn.
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    Case of the wrong case: NGD '14 SG Standard shipped w/wrong case

    They do it all the time around here, and elsewhere. Generalizations usually exist for a reason.
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    Kemper Profiling Amp - is it ethical?

    I only watched a few minutes but his real issue appears to stem from a fear that one Kemper would eventually be able to replace his 30 boutique amps, which he is masking with an ethical debate about tone profiling.
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    NGD Anticipation: SG Standard

    It's "awesome" when you consider how cheap these are going for just because nobody wants the tuners. :cool:
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    Feeling alone. Any tubers left, and why?

    Probably. Need to take a step back sometimes.
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    Feeling alone. Any tubers left, and why?

    For me, I think arguing the point became more important than whatever my point originally was and that's my fault. I'm not trying to tell anyone to "stay where they belong" or something, I just thought the new sub-forum would stop the "us vs. them" attitude that seems to be all over The Squawk...
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    Feeling alone. Any tubers left, and why?

    Give me a break. I made my argument and repeated it several times in the countless previous threads on the subject, only ever pushing for mutual respect for both modeling and traditional tube amps, I own both and have no problem with either. It's my fault for assuming that with the addition of...

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