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    FT: Either my Catalinbread Galileo or Catalinbread RAH

    ... for your Catalinbread DLS MKIII. I'd like to try it out but not have to shell out yet more $$. (Well, other than shipping...) Both pedals are under a year old. Bought from PGS! :)
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    Belated NGD: 2010 R8 Lemonburst

    I never got to do this earlier, but since I was snapping more pictures for a classifieds post, I figured I'd do one for the R8 that replaced the guitar for sale... I got her from a fellow member near the end of last month. Gotta get some of that stuff that gets rid of the VOS 'stickiness'...
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    FS: 2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro in HCSB - Plain Top

    For sale is a 2011 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro (Plain Top) in Heritage Cherry Sunburst. I bought it from Guitar Center Round Rock near the end of February. A little over a month afterwards, I got a little bit of the Guitar Acquisition Syndrome and was able to pick up a 2010 R8 Les Paul...
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    Say no to drugs; say yes to rollerskating!

    Found via the tosh.0 blog... Say NO to Crack, Say YES! to Roller Skating - YouTube I'm now convinced to give up my life of crime and take up...uh...rollerskating. :thumb:
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    Hello from Austin, TX!

    Hey all, new 2011 LP Traditional Pro owner here, and newbie 'guitarist'. (Actually, I've owned it a month already, and have been lurking the forums.) Now onto learning how to play it well... :) I'm guessing it's a normal thing to go over to the Historics section and think of getting an R8 (or...

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