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  1. Pix

    NAD - Friedman Pink Taco!!

    Just got this little Honey, she's mean and loud for 20 watts!
  2. Pix

    Les Paul Junior Back Plate --CREAM-- Somebody hook me up! PLEASE!

    I'm seeking a CREAM or AGED CREAM back plate for my 2011 LP JR. Can't find them anywhere. Please hook me up if you know a good source!!! Also would like to have the CREAM dog ear cover match, so before I order one I'll see if anyone knows a good place that has both and matching sets or...
  3. Pix

    New Fender Strat How to Pickguard-I can't get it off!

    Hey all, I have a new 2013 American Strat, the basic $800 American Strat. I am taking the guard off to swap and I have all screws removed and I'm pulling, it's not coming out, and it's hung up under the neck and i'm not sure why and don't want to yank it too hard and break something either. Am I...
  4. Pix

    Any dippers in Texas or Indiana? Seeking The new Grizzly Wide Cut.

    Hey guys, wasn't sure what to put in that title. Anyway, any fellow dippers out there, I'm wondering if a fellow dipper or just a nice person would lend me a hand. Grizzly has a new dip out, but I heard it is only available in Texas and Indiana. It's not available on the web either. It's...
  5. Pix

    Need Jakson Dinky Wiring Info / Single knob-3 Way Blade Switch

    Hey all, I know, I'm sure there's a thread, I looked for a sec but I'm impatient! So, I have a Jackson Dinky, 2 knob, 3 way blade. I want to change it to a single volume and the switch. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for this configuration? Something easy to figure out would be a great help...
  6. Pix

    WTB: Jackson DK2T Dinky

    I had one, and they are discontinued now. If anyone has a lead on one or has one to sell please let me know. Thanks!
  7. Pix

    What is this pedal???

    I can't figure out what the red pedal with the chili pepper on it is...
  8. Pix

    WTB: Monster Effects Swamp Thang Tremolo

    If anyone has one let me know!!
  9. Pix

    FS: Fender Champ 600/with mods

    Fender Champ 600 5 watt amp/with mods for sale. Jensen 6" MOD speaker upgrade and JJ tubes. What a huge difference. I replaced the stock crap speaker grill cloth with some nice JTM grillcloth. I thought it would match the cab pretty cool, alot better than the stock grill cloth and it did. Looks...
  10. Pix

    FS: BBE Sonic Stomp/Mint Brand New Condition

    Up for grabs is a BBE Sonic Stomp/Mint Brand New Condition. I used it twice for recording and it has been in the original box since. I have had it for about 4 months. I just don't need it at the moment. Save a few bucks on a brand new one. I paid $100 plus tax new. $80 takes it. Thanks!
  11. Pix

    Looking for a head cabinet builder or a good recommendation

    I am looking to have a head cabinet built for my Orange hand wired Tiny Terror. I just can't stand the one it comes with, take 10 screws out to change a tube. I just don't like it. I'm looking for something in the style of a Marshall 2061X, Class 5, just that general head cab a lot of Boutique...
  12. Pix

    FS: Keeley 4 Knob Compressor

    Brand new, just a month or so old. Save a few bucks on a new condition pedal. One of the best on the market. $230
  13. Pix

    Orange Pickup Bobbins

    Does anyone know of a company that makes Orange pickups?
  14. Pix

    NGD: Laguna LE924 (Greg Howe Guitar)

    I should have it in about 2 days. Reviews seem good so far. Anyone have any hands on reviews with this guitar? Can't wait to try it. Price seemed good @ $899 new. Says "assembled in USA", so I'm really hoping for no Chinese parts, Japanese parts are good, but I prefer USA. It also says Laguna on...
  15. Pix

    FS: Orange Tiny Terror Hand Wired

    Brand new condition, low hours. Pro installed Mercury Magnetics upgrade kit. Comes with Leather case and canvas case. True hand wired amp, no board inside. Killer amp, far superior to the regular Terror. I have over $1500 invested. $1300, Head only. US shipping only. Free shipping. Will...
  16. Pix

    Fender Champion 600 Speaker Swap

    Gonna order a new speaker for the little guy. All I see out there is the Jensen and Weber. Any opinions on what is a better speaker? Will it fit right in? Any other suggestions about improving the amp in general would be great also, but I'm not looking to go crazy with it cost wise. I'm...
  17. Pix

    Bayou Billionaires

    Could anyone tell me what kind of 4 wheeler the Dad is riding in this clip? It's the yellow one. (not the guy racing on the white one) I think it's a Can-AM Renegade, but it looks a little different. Maybe his is tricked out. If anyone knows about these, let me know as I'm thinking of getting...
  18. Pix

    Conference calls at work

    Booooooorrrrrrrrrrrinnnnnnnngggggggggg............. I know what to do, shut up already....
  19. Pix

    How to run 2 amps together?

    I know this is prob a really dump question to alot of folks, but I have just never tried it. Joe Bonamassa does it with his master volume Marshall and his Plexi together and I love the sound. I have a JCM 800 and a Germino LV55. I think it would sound killer. I'm not really an electronics guy...
  20. Pix

    1 Watt Amp

    I'm looking for a killer 1 watter combo. Anyone have any suggestions?

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