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    SG "Future Tribute" WARNING - May induce vomiting

    :io: Gibson SG Future Tribute
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    Summer Sale: Pedals, Parts, Mics & More - MXR, Korg, Fender

    Please note that i'm not looking for trades. PayPal only. Actual shipping cost will be calculated upon sale. For Sale: Effects: EHX Small Stone Nano Phaser: 45$+Shipping - Like new condition, never gigged. Velcro on bottom. Comes with box and paperwork. MXR Blue Box Octave Fuzz...
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    NAD - Orange Content

    The result of this thread; AD30HTC + PPC212C Well I finally understand where all the AC30 comparisons come from, it does have "that" kind of clean sound when adjusted a certain way. It has it's...
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    Reccomend me a Head with good Cleans and Dirt

    Well, I never thought i'd be making one of these threads, but after playing so many amps and reading so many reviews online I am at an impasse. I need something versatile enough to handle clean tones that match the overdriven, dirty tones. I am more of a british crunch guy than a high-gain...
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    NAD! Orange Content

    I love Orange amps, and i've been saving for a head + cab pair. I've never paid much attention to their combo amps and did not expect to have an "inbetweener" Orange. A friend of mine bought an Orange tube head, and didn't need this Crush 30r anymore, so I traded him a reverb pedal for the Crush...
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    NGD - Classic Player Jazzmaster

    Well, DANGD - (day after new guitar day) I got it around 6 last night, my whole room smelled like new guitar the rest of the day, it was awesome. Anyway, Jazzmaster! I'll take some better pictures later, here's what I snapped earlier and a soundcheck showing off the clean tones and going...
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    eBay Sellers Who Piss Me Off

    Apologies, but I need to rant to someone. I was going back and forth bidding up this neck on ebay untill it got to the 450$ that it's at right now. That's already way more than I wanted to pay, espically with the extra screw holes some chuckledick drilled all over the back of the headstock...
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    Captivating Demo of the Firebird X

    38 minutes and 38 seconds of pure analog bliss™, brought to you by your friends™ at the Gibson Guitar Company©®™. Firebird X Introduction - YouTube
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    Mugshots From The 1920's

    I just stumbled across this today. Portraits de criminels australiens dans les années 1920 | La boite verte
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    Can You Say 'Snake Oil'? Part II

    Prime Vibe
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    This is why your Music Store clerk hates you.

    YouTube - What it's really like to work in a music store pt. III
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    Any MLPers going to the Sweetwater Gear Fest?

    Finally something that's close to me. Sweetwater is having their annual Gear Festival in Ft. Wayne Indiana on June 24th & 25th. GearFest 2011 | I didn't go last year but i'm definitely going to make it this time.
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    Dumble Overdrive Special

    Anyone got 85k laying around? Dumble Overdrive Special 1984 | eBay
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    Single 19in Rack Enclosure?

    I know there's alot of guys here who build racks so I was hoping someone could help me. I scored a really sweet deal locally for a Korg DTR rack tuner. Right now I just have it sitting ontop of my amp, and I love it. It's great. I have no intentions of building a full rack though, so I was...
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    People Who Quote Pictures

    Are the scum of the earth. All I want to do is casually browse through a "post your guitar" thread, but first I have to wade through 10 people quoting the same string of pictures over and over again, just to leave one sentence comments like "wow, that's nice!" which fills up the page so that the...
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    School me on an XLR interface for my PC.

    I'm picking up a Shure SM57 (dosen't everyone) and i'm debating on the type of audio-interface I need. My Sweetwater tech reccomends I get an M-Box bundled with Pro Tools, which is great but I don't want to spend 500$. I don't mind having to upgrade to a nicer, more expensive unit in the future...
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    "Life-O-Sound"? Really?

    Talk about shameless. Suprised they didn't call it Gib-O-Sound. Buy Gibson Custom Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess Electric Guitar | Solid Body Electric Guitars | Musician's Friend
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    Can You Say 'Snake Oil'?

    MusicCord Best Value Accessory Improve Audio Sound & Tone | Essential Sound Products
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    Help: Problem With My Username

    I've been having a weird issue ever since I joined. When someone clicks on my username, or I try to view my notifications, it re-directs me and anyone else to a completely different profile. I've contaced several mods/admins on more than one occasion over the past several months and got no...
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    DigiTech Making Tube Amps?

    Wat. YouTube - NAMM '11 - DigiTech TH-150 Amplifier Demo

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