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  1. Brek

    iOS amp modellers

    Turns out I already had amplitude for iPad, so a great start, just paid a fiver for the Z-Wreck lol. Any one use the 3D mic room? Is it worth the 15 quids? Does it let you rotate the mic? One technique I use is sm57 at center cone, and another at 45 degrees to cone. Can this be replicated? I...
  2. Brek

    Greeny pickup test pt.1

    resisted doing anything to this one as bought as a catch and release. seeing as that has turned into a cluster****. it is now mine to do as i please. so, new neck pickup, A5 mag, similar dc reading to bridge PU (i know thats meaningless) but is as good a place as any to start. also gets to show...
  3. Brek

    New to market! Les Paul self build kit.
  4. Brek


    After reading and thinking and taking on board comments and advice, got me a little fender clone in the shape of a little ol’ tweed with 1 6v6. Me like, very good pedal (when I say that it’s from the point of view that I have no ear for pedals) box, my KOT sounded smoother and creamier than...
  5. Brek

    Resorcinol Glue

    Looks to be a candidate for glueing tops and bodies together, if, of course if we are using it as a close enough substitute for formaldehyde glue, I have read two conflicting articles about how the tops were glued, one states formaldehyde and he other states hide glue. The former is not doable...
  6. Brek

    You tube speaks the truth

    When ever I watch a guitar demo of a les Paul and I forget to turn subtitles off from tutorial videos, when the dudes playing it subs ‘crying’ ‘laughter’ when they play a strat it subs ‘guitar note/s’ YouTube’s down with the blues. He don’t make it cry or sing. .....
  7. Brek

    lacquer advice please

    Could someone advise if these pics show any issues with the laquer? As someone is questioning the authenticity of my R8. It is a 2018 R8 with the tall frets, this is what they say 'thick overspray on to the nut, its on both sides and is solid finish. The colour of the binding doesn't match, and...
  8. Brek

    Hearing Damage

    In discussing what amp I wanted I realised something was seriously wrong with my hearing after I published my in room spl levels, after someone replied about levels and hearing damage. This damage was already there, and I was not aware of the extent. To me 100db sounds like 60db range sounds. So...
  9. Brek

    Speaker cloth, why is it so damned expensive in the U.K?

    And seemingly unobtainable in the U.K.? Any other fabric type that could be substituted? I am asking as I don’t know what strength other fabrics might have in comparison to a dedicated guitar speaker fabric, anyone know of a suitable substitute, ordered an as new old radio speaker cloth to do a...
  10. Brek

    3 layer bodies

    Any one of you makers make a 3 laminate body? I have found a ‘salvaged’ piece of old mahogany, basically looks to be an old solid table top it’s Cuban/Honduran 2cm thick and large enough to get three guitar shaped cuts from, so wondering if it’s a good basis for either a two layer les Paul...
  11. Brek

    What’s happened here? Binding issue

    Seen this r8 for sale and the binding has separated and looks to have taken some wood with it. How on earth would this happen? Got really cold and the abs shrunk?
  12. Brek

    what is the cheapest version (generally) of the japanese les pauls

    that would be one piece mahog back, 2 piece maple cap, no veneer as not bothered about figuring, and something like the long neck tenon? everything else not important as will, where relevant swap out anyway.
  13. Brek

    Swamp ash tele inbound

    I have an SX branded strat that plays ok, its presently in bits waiting a respray to olympic white, so, I saw a swamp ash tele for sale for the same price i just paid for some tuners thought, why the hell not, so will let you all know how it sounds. look to be three piece bodies and pot luck as...
  14. Brek

    Sucker for ‘trinkets’ or just a sucker? Lol.

    Why do I look at eBay with money in pocket, just bought these: Am I some kind of magpie? Oooh shiny things, click click click...... made an...
  15. Brek

    I might be a guitar ninja

    So decide to have a playing session stood up for a change, playing away and suddenly strap let’s go at neck peg, guitar drops like a stone, I caught it 1in from floor, will I ever be that lucky again? Might put a lotto ticket on, not something I ever do, but hell might be a streak.
  16. Brek

    Are amps like V8’s?

    Like there ain’t no substitute for cubic inches? All my amps are relatively cheap valve amps, an origin 5 combo (used as a head though) a class 5 head, and a blackstar studio 20 head with 2x el34’s, all have a certain ‘sound’ at high volume, that volume however for home use is still way to loud...
  17. Brek

    Just preordered a decibelics golden horse professional.

    To go with the three cheap Chinese ones arriving tomorrow, that’s Christmas break sorted. Guy sounds committed to the cause, hand soldered through hole discreet non smd build, with original spec components in a mini pedal! and calibrated against his 2001 GH prior to shipping.
  18. Brek

    For what feels like first time ever Xmas pressies that are useful.

    You know how it goes, the wife asks you what the in-laws etc can get you for Christmas, and the ensuing head scratching trying to figure out what you want usually defaults to socks, etc. Not this year, a no brainer since retaking up the guitar, strings! Got 10 packs on the list already. Maybe...
  19. Brek

    Omfg, I’ve done it!

    Bought some 63/37 solder from cpc farnell, with the idea the reduced liquid zone would at least help me stop the lead or whatever shifting before it’s sets. First go with it and TWO SHINEY SOLDER JOINTS! One thing I have sussed is tip is very prone to oxidising even with keeping it tinned. So...
  20. Brek

    my new practice amp

    scored this of ebay for less than I could build it, shame i didn't spot it before I cut the 4x10's, going to use the bottom one for the 12in alnico blues, saves me building another cab.

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