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  1. Skyjerk

    Ridiculous LP

    I had a dream last night I was getting ready to do a vintage correct 59 LP build Like...with a glued in neck...and...proper tool marks in the control cavity Ridiculous. Aint gonna happen. This is not some kind of goofy tease, for real its never gonna happen. All Respect to people that do...
  2. Skyjerk

    Refinish n00b

    Ok, I've done about 20 nitro finishes thus far, but no refinishes. Why? Seems like it'll be quite the PITA Case in point. My 22 special that was the recipient of the first piece of that angle step quilt maple that I just used to top my Strat body. This is as done as that build got...
  3. Skyjerk

    Incomplete work

    These two guitars have been kind of hanging over my head for several years now, and I think 2021 will be the year I re-visit them. They are both a model I call "22 Special", and obviously fill that same niche as a LP, sharing many of the same specs, but obviopusly different body and headstock...
  4. Skyjerk

    Half a Strat is better than none

    Since I'll be doing some guitar work to repair my sons guitar, I'm going to take the opportunity to build one as well. I wrapped my last build two years ago with my root beer float guitar. This will really only be half a build since the neck is from a Strat that I built 3 years ago and sold...
  5. Skyjerk

    The wrong kind of girl

    If you have a girl like this one, get away from her ASAP. Some (if anyone remembers me!) may recall a Stratocaster I built for my son Jake. Probably not though, it was 4 or 5 years ago prior to my older sons death in 2017 Anyway, Jake had a fight with his girlfriend, and then while he...
  6. Skyjerk

    Howdy pardners! Know a decent clearcoat for metal?

    Hi guys, Been a while. I've been off playing in the land of hot metal, and I'm not talkin about music ;) Anyhoo, looking to do a crossover between guitars and my new craft in collaberation with fellow MLP guy, @Ripthorn. Namely, making pickup rings, knobs, and maybe other parts out of...
  7. Skyjerk


    Over the past 5 years, using some skills I had, and a lot of knowledge I absorbed from this forum, I’ve become able to build some pretty high quality guitars. Using knowledge I’ve acquired elsewhere I’ve also been able to learn basic blacksmithing, knife and sword making. One skill has...
  8. Skyjerk

    amazing inlay

    Ben Crowe. Love him, hate him, doesnt matter. He does beautiful work and this fretboard is exceptional in my opinion... If it matters, they've limited the talking through most of the video, left in meaningful discussion, and made a lot of accelerated sequences. I found it pretty watchable and...
  9. Skyjerk

    Skyjerk no more

    Nope, not leaving. Sorry ;-) Just changing, although I can’t actually change my nickname. The last couple years have seen many tumultuous changes in my personal life, and one result is that I decided I had to get rid of some old things and bring in some new things. 2018 was a good year for...
  10. Skyjerk

    We’re pretty fortunate in here...

    ...we should appreciate it! I’ve spent some time in forums lately unrelated to guitars or guitar building and DAMN People are profoundly unhelpful and don’t share. People are outright insulting and try to embarrass you for not knowing the answer you are looking for. Seriously. People are...
  11. Skyjerk

    More time? YES! More money? YES! More builds anyway? NO!!!

    obviously im busing someones balls ;) Mods may feel free to delete :)
  12. Skyjerk

    Bass build!

    I’ve been in a funk since January. My first grandchild, Juliette, was born on Jan 6. She was beautiful. When my son Jake introduced me to her I felt the first real joy I’ve experienced since my son Chris died 2 years ago. Inexplicably, at 7 days old Juliette’s kidneys failed for no reason they...
  13. Skyjerk

    Old new Les Paul style build for 2019

    Old new build :) Yeah, this is My Les Paul forum, so I guess I do need to do a Les Paul; style build once in a while ;) Some of you may recall my very first build, the neck-through LP. Some may also recall, although I doubt this detail from a total n00b build would jump to mind over 4 years...
  14. Skyjerk

    We've been doing it all wrong

  15. Skyjerk

    A meme for y'all :)

    found an "expanding brain" meme generator and built one for the corner. Feel free to steal and share if you like it :-)
  16. Skyjerk

    Kit guitar conversion

    No, I'm not building a kit, BUT I know some of you all do. I also know some of you watch Crimson guitars videos. I know some of you get exasperated with Ben Crowe's rather long winded explanations, tangents, digressions etc (Personally I dont mind it) He has just finished a rather long (20...
  17. Skyjerk

    Amp help

    Well, wired up my new Magnum today and went to play it for the first time and I get no volume out of my amp. This is a Marshall JVM410h 100 watt head. Diming everything gets me to a volume where I can hear it, but thats about it. Its about a million DB quieter than it should be. Worked fine...
  18. Skyjerk

    What does this mean?

    Just a curiosity. So I have my basic build complete on my latest 22 Magnum. Carved the neck last night. Today I hang the guitar from my hand, if you can imagine my forefinger and thumb acting as a hanger, the guitar is hanging in my hand by the headstock. I'm not gripping it, its just hanging...
  19. Skyjerk

    Thank you Luthiers Corner :)

    About 4 1/2 years ago I came here asking some dumb question about an LP traditional I owned. I knew nothing about building guitars, nor did I have any intention or interest at that point in learning how. The notion just never entered my mind. I started reading some of the build threads and it...
  20. Skyjerk

    Hard tail bridge mounting question

    So many of you know I've built a couple Strats recently. One of them has a hard tail bridge that screws directly to the body. I've built a couple of these in the past as well and I always did just that. Screwed the bridge to the body, or rather, screwed it to the lacquer thats on the body :)...

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