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  1. cmh6122

    Source for ready to apply to neck fretboards

    Does anyone know of a source where one could purchase a Gibson scale fretboard with binding (preferably with nibs) ready to install?
  2. cmh6122

    A trem question

    I want to put a trem on a project I am contemplating. I like the bladerunner, but it will definitely be a bucker equipped guitar. Is string spacing an issue? If so what would you all recommend for a bucker equipped guitar?
  3. cmh6122

    up way past my bedtime

    Saw the Lumineers at Liberty Hall in Lawrence last night. Awesome. Opened with thisThe Lumineers - Submarines - HearYa Live Session 4/13/12 - YouTube Highly recommended
  4. cmh6122

    Is it a requirement to declare

    That you were in before the lock to get the cookies? Or is the cookie bounty null and void if the thread disappears so completely that it does not even leave an aroma? I didn't get my cookies, and I was clearly in before the lock. I really could have used a cookie.
  5. cmh6122

    Tommorow at 1642 hrs

    A big ol' jet airliner is scheduled to touch down at Kansas City international airport. On board that plane will be my daughter. The last time I saw her in the flesh was looking over the frosted partition of the departure lounge on 2 June 2010. Since then she has taught English in Mokolo...
  6. cmh6122

    Nose Art (Airplane)

    I have always loved nose art on military aircraft. A friend sent me a group of pics, and this struck a chord. Happy landings to our winged brothers.
  7. cmh6122

    RIP SGT Jamie Jarboe

    Sometimes there are no words Army sergeant succumbs to critical injuries |
  8. cmh6122

    Last night

    I played my Artisan through a friends new tweed-deluxe clone. When I bought my Artisan in 77 I had two tweed deluxes, and that combination pretty much shaped the way I play so it was a pretty serious trip down nostalgia lane. Wife is in the final stages of completing her teaching degree, and...
  9. cmh6122

    Artists lost too soon.

    Who do you miss? Two I really miss. Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever - YouTube John Lennon - Watching The Wheels HD 720p - YouTube
  10. cmh6122

    Garageband the music hosting and review site

    Does anyone know of a similar site operating today? I kind of miss being able to listen to and review new music.
  11. cmh6122

    Floating non-locking tremelos

    Am building a guitar that will have a trem in it. I am interested in opinions of which is best. I have a wilkie/gotoh v50 on a Carvin that I really like as far as appearance and design go, but would like to go to a higher quality. Anything out there cooler/higher quality than the wilkie/gotoh...
  12. cmh6122

    A pair of Norlin-era Gibson in action.

    A pretty serious guitar duo. Took guitar lessons from Kerry Livgrun for nearly a year starting in 72. Kind of a long tune, but check out how many sounds that Rich Williams coaxes out of that L6S. I don't think he is using any thing but the knobs on his guitar. Kansas- The Pìnnacle - YouTube
  13. cmh6122

    Imagine my chagrin

    When I came to this forum to discover that this guitar is not quite a Gibson. I bought this guitar new on December 6, 1977 at Steam Music in Topeka Kansas. Can anyone tell this barely web-savy knucklehead how to post pics without them being thumbnails?
  14. cmh6122

    When did the Maestro vibrato first appear on SGs?

    When I was 16 (summer of '72) I was able to buy a well used SG. It had had the wangbar portion of the Maestro removed and a stoptail installed. The neck joint was identical to 61 sg/les pauls that I saw at the time, and the guys at the music store I traded with thought they changed that neck...
  15. cmh6122

    Favorite guitar duo?

    Mine, A later vintage YouTube - Throw Down the Sword - London 5 March 1990 - Wishbone Ash...

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