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  1. chromewhore2010

    Whats your favorite pickups/pickups at the moment

    Seymour Duncan JB SH-4. Hands down. That sucker's got tone.
  2. chromewhore2010

    EMG 81 Wiring Problem

    Forgot this one.
  3. chromewhore2010

    EMG 81 Wiring Problem

    Hello everybody, So here I am gettin' ready to install my new EMG 81 that I just bought at my local GC. I'm gettin' really excited 'cause I see the wiring diagram looks like something that a 10 year old could figure out. So I connect everything up using the diagram. For my set up I'm only...
  4. chromewhore2010

    Comment by 'chromewhore2010' in media 'IMG_0042'

    Looks like Dan Donegans sig style; in fact, it is, right?
  5. chromewhore2010

    Pickups on my project guitar

    Well, in the end I went with Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and Tone Zone in the neck. Very respectable combo; enjoyin' the sound.
  6. chromewhore2010

    Active Pickups...

    Great answer, thanks Syn
  7. chromewhore2010

    Active Pickups...

    Oh yeah, i mean I've got pinch harmonics down pretty well, i was just referring to the difference in the volume/sustain of the squealies. Right now i've got some pretty low output pups and I was just askin' how much of a difference it makes. Like... Billy Gibbons pinch harmonices versus Zakk...
  8. chromewhore2010

    Soloing techniques

    G---5h7----------7^(9)(7)--5----7s9-7s12h14-----| D------------------------------7------------------| A-5-----5s3s5s3-----------------------------------| This riff is also fun to play. Lotsa slidin'. Good stuff.
  9. chromewhore2010

    Soloing techniques

    These happen to be in A pentatonic, 'cause that's just where they turned up when I started playin' 'em today. Extremely basic 'lil riffs. E---------5-------| B-8^(10)---8p5---| Just practice that until you can whip it out whenever; it sounds nice when you get some speed too. It's a...
  10. chromewhore2010

    Active Pickups...

    Well here I am, back after this long hiatus. No internet... no good. But either way, to the subject at hand. As an ignorant teenager, I've always been fascinated with Active Pickups. Obviously when listenin' to guitarists like Zakk Wylde squeal harmonics every other note, I ask the question...
  11. chromewhore2010

    String Height

    Thanks, i think i'll try that. It sounds easy enough.
  12. chromewhore2010

    Elixir Strings...

    It sounds like you sacrifice some tone for the long lasting aspect. Not sure if i'd wanna do that
  13. chromewhore2010

    String Height

    and just a question; what is shimming a neck?
  14. chromewhore2010

    String Height

    It's alright, the neck is straight i didn't bow it out at all. It's a "partscaster" but like i said i'm not going to do it. I'm going to have a pro do it. And what i mean by quite a bit is like 4 quarter turns then i saw the neck was perfectly straight and stopped. No need to go past that.
  15. chromewhore2010

    String Height

    This is true. I'm just gonna take it to a pro to get it fixed. I'm sure i'm doing something wrong.
  16. chromewhore2010

    String Height

    Just to put in perspective how high the strings are; at the 17th fret they're nearly a 1/4 of an inch off the fretboard... o.o. I've adjusted the truss rod quite a but bit i can't get them down much. The screw thingy's on the saddles can be adjusted down but still not that much and then i have...
  17. chromewhore2010

    Comment by 'chromewhore2010' in media 'superstrat1'

    Dude. I'm gonna make that exact thing someday. That's bloody brilliant.
  18. chromewhore2010

    Severe GAS...For a Jackson?

    Beastly guitar i have to say. Price is probably outrageous. I didn't see one on the page.
  19. chromewhore2010

    Is the David Gilmour Signature Strat worth it?

    Also beautiful

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