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    Beatles Collection

    The links either redirect me to Spanish Amazon site or they send my the US site home screen. You're right, it's likely long out of print. Now that I know the name, I'll search around for it on different platforms. Again - appreciate it much!
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    Beatles Collection

    YES!!! Thank you so much - I've been looking for this for years. I've never once thought to search 'Beatlessongs' all as one word. Looks like this is an international listing so I'll look into the logistic of ordering later. I appreciate this so much!
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    Roadworn Telecaster.... these things are awesome

    I remember when these came out. I thought they were cool but always felt the wear was a bit cheesy. But this that looks like a good Custom Shop relic. Did yours turn this way from playing or did it come like this from the factory? Sweet guitar either way.
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    Beatles Collection

    Yeah, I thought about that. I read the description initially and noticed it has full lyrics which my book didn't have. Now that I look at it more closely, it says it has been revised so maybe it is the same book with more content including lyrics? I wish it had the preview ability. I may...
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    Beatles Collection

    That's not it either. Thanks though. I fear the book may be out of print. I've been searching forever, and there have probably been several dozen if not a hundred or more similar books through the years.
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    Beatles Collection

    Thanks! It's not the same book I was referring to but I don't have that one and will be purchasing it.
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    Beatles Collection

    Fantastic Collection, BTW. I havne't seen that site, thanks for the info!
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    Beatles Collection

    There was one book I had that I somehow lost (or lent to someone and never got it back). It was a song by song breakdown that discussed how the songs were written, who wrote which part (to the best of recollection), who played what instrument, whose production ideas were used, how the song was...
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    Beatles Collection

    Nice - I have that one. It's great. I have a whole bunch of Beatles books. Even though a lot of them tell the same stories, more or less, I can't seem to get enough.
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    Beatles Collection

    The Beatles are by far my favorite band. Always have been, always will be. Their songwriting will never be matched, IMO. A few years ago my wife bought me a hard cover copy of the book 'Songwriting Secrets of The Beatles.' This book is expensive, but worth every penny if you're into the...
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    How often do you come up with new songs?

    I rarely write a complete song by myself. I tend to like having a writing partner. We have a primary songwriter in my band and he'll come to me sometimes with ideas and ask for help with transitions, bridges, etc. Or I'll hand him a progression or chorus I've been toying with and he'll come...
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    Do You Answer Political Polls?

    I never answer numbers I don't recognize...hell, I barely answer the ones I do. So I can't say I've even fielded a political polling call. I'd probably answer truthfully if I did, though.
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    My first trip in New York City (From Greece)

    Glad you had a great time in NYC. I love that city. My wife and I got married at City Hall (marriage building) - awesome memories. Tipping is expected for a lot of service jobs in the US especially if you go to a sit down restaurant. 15% gratuity is standard - 20% if the service and food are...
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    Friday the 13th: The Game, is free this month for PS4

    I got my PS4 Pro a few weeks ago for Spider-Man but I haven't signed up for Plus yet. I may have to do it this month to get access to Friday the 13th which got some pretty good reviews overall. Last month Destiny 2 was free - this month Friday the 13th. They are offering some pretty decent...
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    Anyone else love how little George Harrison wanted to be here?

    I think it's hard to tell what he's thinking in this video. He seems to be having an OK time while still being a bit aloof...but isn't that Harrison in a nutshell? This is a plausible theory as well... < checks close up shot of pupils at 1:09...yeah, it checks out >
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    What guitar are you most proud to own?

    All of them, really. I'm pretty fortunate to be able to have a nice selection of guitars in the arsenal. Here are some that I've been really digging as of late: 1989 Stratocaster - heavily modded and gigged, probably my #1: Partscaster - built this one to be poor man's '62 RI: 2011...
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    I got an ALERT on my cell phone.

    It was a tremendous alert. Many people are saying it was the best alert they had ever seen, possibly the best ever. Believe me.
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    I Called The Health Care Hot Line

    The opioid epidemic, obesity problems, and the corrupt entity known collectively as Big Pharma contribute way more to rising healthcare costs than any single piece of legislation.
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    I’m getting fat

    My wife makes zucchini spaghetti noodles. It's fantastic, although not the same as regular noodles. Your waistline will appreciate it.
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    I’m getting fat

    I'm 40 years old and I've been a 32 waist since college. A couple years ago I noticed that my jeans and work slacks were fitting a bit tighter. I also needed to let out another notch on the belt. I weighed myself for the first time in a long time and I had gained 13 lbs. It was a little...

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