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  1. chromewhore2010

    EMG 81 Wiring Problem

    Hello everybody, So here I am gettin' ready to install my new EMG 81 that I just bought at my local GC. I'm gettin' really excited 'cause I see the wiring diagram looks like something that a 10 year old could figure out. So I connect everything up using the diagram. For my set up I'm only...
  2. chromewhore2010

    Active Pickups...

    Well here I am, back after this long hiatus. No internet... no good. But either way, to the subject at hand. As an ignorant teenager, I've always been fascinated with Active Pickups. Obviously when listenin' to guitarists like Zakk Wylde squeal harmonics every other note, I ask the question...
  3. chromewhore2010


    How hard is it to adjust intonation yourself? I'd like to get my guitar harmonics setup better. Can anyone give a very brief run-through of what to do? Thanks in advance:thumb:
  4. chromewhore2010

    String Height

    How do you adjust the string height on a strat style bridge? My strings are very high off the fretboard and i was wondering how to adjust them down.
  5. chromewhore2010

    Blackheart Handsome Devil vs. Peavey Windsor

    What's the better amp of the two? I play classic rock and 90's rock and 90's metal; so which one do you think would be best for that type of playing? Thanks ahead of time :thumb:
  6. chromewhore2010

    12-String Pickups

    Do you have to get specific pickups for a 12-String guitar on a Double Neck guitar? Or can you just use 6-String pickups?
  7. chromewhore2010

    I really hate to do this...

    I really hate to do this but does anyone have a strat style maple neck with a maple fretboard that they are willing to part with for free? I know i shouldn't ask this but... I am. I'm desperate. When one has no money... stuff happens. Soooo if you're feeling generous...
  8. chromewhore2010


    Anyone have any particular brand of tuners that they prefer? I've heard Schaller is a really good brand, but i personally don't know a difference from one to another.
  9. chromewhore2010

    Push/Pull Pot

    What exactly does a Push/Pull Pot do compared to just a normal pot? Does it make a difference?
  10. chromewhore2010

    Elixir Strings...

    Is it worth paying the extra money to get these strings or should i just stick with getting normal (non-coated) strings?
  11. chromewhore2010

    Removing Buzz

    Anyone have any good methods of reducing the buzz noise on your guitar? I've heard aluminum or copper tape helps if you shield your pup cavity. Any other things?
  12. chromewhore2010

    Regular vs. F-Spaced

    I know the difference between Regular and F-Spaced but i'm not sure as to what exactly it means. Obviously if you have a floyd rose then you get f-spaced but what if you just have a normal Strat bridge? Do you get F-spaced then? Or regular?
  13. chromewhore2010

    Favorite Amps Under $500

    What's your favorite amp under $500. Need good input. And hopefully good explanation as to why the amp you choose is so good or why you like it so much. :thumb:
  14. chromewhore2010

    Hello From Kansas City, Missouri!

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Very impressed with it too; seems like a great community here. I WAS a proud owner of an Epiphone G-400, until one day (Decemeber 15, 2008) my house was broken into and it was stolen. Very Terrible. But since then i've bought an Ibanez RG series and am building a...
  15. chromewhore2010

    Chrome Burstbucker Pros...

    Anybody got Neck and Bridge Chrome Burstbucker Pros for sale?
  16. chromewhore2010

    String gauges...

    Is it true that using higher gauge strings will give you a much strong, punchy sound when playing? Also is it true that using higher gauge strings and rubbing your hand along them will create alot more scratchy sound than using lower gauges?
  17. chromewhore2010

    Pickups on my project guitar

    Hey guys, I've been working on a project guitar for about a month now and i'm at the point where i'm ready to buy some pickups for the thing. It's black strat and i'm wanting some opinions on favorite pickups. Looking for 2 humbuckers (active or not i don't care). I only play rock overall but i...

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