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  1. freebyrd 69

    RIP @ Zakmichael:(

    It is with a heavy heart that I post this one :(. Mike was a great guy and friend.....he definitely battled his demons, but ugh. I met him through the forum here, and we hung out quite a bit when he lived here in Michigan. He’s been in Florida for a few years, but.....GODDAMNIT. This one...
  2. freebyrd 69


    Well, band gigs have been scarce. We played early March before shit got shut down, once in June, and finally scheduled the next 2 Saturday’s. Outside of that, I bought a used (but like brand new) mountain bike, and this Honda 2018 CRF 450R. The first pic of the bike is how I got it. Basically...
  3. freebyrd 69

    Mike Bowen...

    I know Mike was having some health issues last year, but haven’t heard anything from him for sometime....(here, FB). Today is his birthday.....Anyone heard anything from him? Or know if he’s OK?
  4. freebyrd 69

    2000 Gibson R9 Les Paul

    This is a SUPER clean 2000 R9. Original case, which is spotless. No COA. Neck is very full. I do not have the tools or knowledge to take measurements, so please don’t ask. If you don’t like a thicker neck, this isn’t for you. Weight is under 9 lbs., pictured below. This axe is a SOLID 8.5/10...
  5. freebyrd 69

    RIP Charlie Daniels Damn
  6. freebyrd 69

    FS:2018 57 Reissue Gold Top Les Paul

    VERY nice guitar! Under 9lbs. All original and comes with all hangtags, extra back plate cover, and COA. I have done my best to picture any marks. Overall condition is a conservative 9/10. A few very small marks on the headstock. Back is very clean with some small surface scratching (NOT...
  7. freebyrd 69

    WTB: Custom made pedal board

    Any of our vendors do this? Suggestions on who to use if not?
  8. freebyrd 69


    This is the new FM3 from Fractal that there is quite a wait list for. Asking $300 less than I paid. Unit came new in the Fractal packaging and will ship out that way. I also printed out the 100 page manual. I’ll include the cord as well. $1175 SHIPPED pp gift.
  9. freebyrd 69

    WTB Fractal FM 3

    I know they aren’t officially out yet, but I’ve seen a couple on the Bay. Hoping one of our members here was lucky enough to score one and wants to move it on. Willing to pay a little more than retail, but not crazy over. Thanks!
  10. freebyrd 69

    Quick value question on a studio LP

    First’s the first and the 5th number for the year on the SN correct? If so, 1990 Alpine white studio....decent shape? Will that have a rosewood or ebony board? What would you put the value at roughly with case? TYIA
  11. freebyrd 69

    Searching for sugarman

    If you are bored, check this movie out! Incredible story. There were a few older threads on it but they were years old as it came out around 2012. Saw it last night on Netflix.
  12. freebyrd 69

    Might have found someone worse than Bonamassa....

    As far as marketing goes. Jesus Christ. So I actually saw this kid at Norm’s when I was out in LA. I had no idea he was anybody, but I heard this acoustic 12 string being played quite well. I turned around to see what I THOUGHT was a 12 yr. old girl playing it. It was very impressive. I asked if...
  13. freebyrd 69

    FS: Single cut Les Paul

    This was commissioned to be built by a VERY reputable builder in 2005. A “Pearly Gates” old growth Brazilian board and high end repro parts. I purchased this recently from a reputable member here, and unfortunately, the tax man came calling. Feel free to PM me or call me for details...
  14. freebyrd 69

    Sick Pic of The Old 2001 R8

    Had the camera out for a second last night and she was begging to be photographed.
  15. freebyrd 69

    How I personally feel

    The world would be a much better place if everyone just got along, and weren’t so judgemental. Some of the nicest people I know would be considered “weird” by others, and I’m glad to call them my friends. Imagine a world without the Freddy Mercury’s, Elton John’s, and David Bowie’s of the...
  16. freebyrd 69

    Adventures of Jon and Dave....guitar safari.

    Pics to come! So Dave @darth550 and I “met” on this board back around 2013. After Brooke got diagnosed originally with autism, I “vented” here on MLP, and he too had an autistic son and reached out. Although we never actually met (I’m im MI and he in CA), we became buds and have talked probably...
  17. freebyrd 69

    Unusual CFB coach celebration....

    I can see being excited to win the title, and I don’t follow LSU that closely. Is the “pick your nose and eat it” a common celebration? Maybe a little “nose gumbo”? Lol Thought those southern boys’ mamma’s taught them better manners!
  18. freebyrd 69

    FS: 2016 Gibson Custom Shop Firebird 1 VOS

    Just acquired this from Andy (@Crotch ), but need to move it due to some other expenses that have come up. She's in the exact same condition as when it was sent to me, and includes the MSSC harness it was shipped with. Just looking to recover my funds from the great deal that he gave me on it...
  19. freebyrd 69

    Any doctors in the house???

    First, Happy New Year to all of you! Second, as some of you may have seen in another thread, I had a cardiac ablation today. All went well and I am actually back home now. my question is this....they went through the artery in my leg to do the surgery. OF COURSE they are telling me don’t lift...
  20. freebyrd 69

    Ernie Ball strings PSA

    I hate the place, but every year at this time Guitar Center has EB strings on sale that nobody can touch. 3 pack for $10. Sweetwater is $13.99 for the same quantity. I have called them (Sweetwater) in years past to match the deal, which they normally ALWAYS do, and was told they can’t do it...

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