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  1. the1jj

    Calling all 2012 Studio owners

    Long shot here, but no harm in trying. I recently bought a guitar, and it had an additional serial paperwork in it. Looks like it may belong to a studio with serial number ending in 0399. If you want it, let me know and I can send to you free of charge. Just PM me. Thanks.
  2. the1jj

    Gibson Les Paul Goldtop - R7

    Hey all, You guys likely know what this is. These are getting rarer as of late, and get snagged up pretty quick. The neck is as thick as they come. I have small hands, but the profile is extremely comfortable. She is a beefy lady in the profile, but not on the back. She weighed in at the...
  3. the1jj

    Gibson SG Special - Faded cherry

    Great project guitar here. Guitar body is in good shape, however she has been loved in her previous life. She was a main gigging guitar of the local musician friend of mine. She has a raised action for some hard rock Rhythm play. Her body is in good shape, but her paint is wearing away on the...
  4. the1jj

    Gibson SG Pelham Blue W/ Bare Knuckle Mules Split Coil

    Selling a Gibson SG in Pelham Blue with BK Mules wired Split coil. Looking to pull 1300 out of this one, shipping included. This girl does ship with a soft case and those BK Mules certainly do bring the sweet heat PAF we all tend to look for in a great guitar and great pickup. Ebay link (with...
  5. the1jj

    WTB Guitarforce Pickups

    Hey all, Looking to buy some Guitarforce Pickups. Let me know what you got. Ideally interested in a Rebel/Rebelfire combo, but open to any offers you have out there. Let me know, thanks!
  6. the1jj

    WTB Guitarforce pickups

    Looking for a Guitarforce Rebelfire PAF pickup. Interested in the 59 or LOTB neck as well if sold as a set.
  7. the1jj

    WTB Sheptone Javelinas

    Looking for a set of Sheptone Javelinas. Prefer zebra, but beggars can’t be choosers. Thanks!
  8. the1jj

    WTB Black genuine Gibson LP Pickguard

    Hey folks, Looking for someone who has a black pickguard they aren’t using. 3 or 5 ply are ideal, but I won’t say no to a reasonably priced 1 ply. Let me know what you want and if anyone needs a cream pickguard, I got 3 to spare. Thanks all. PS I bought an all parts and it didn’t line up...
  9. the1jj

    MHD Asylums

    I am ready to part with my set of MHD Asylums. The pickups were wound in 2011 by none other than the magic touch of Rayne Stohlman. The Asylums are voiced for those with an aggressive palette. Measuring at a 14k and 8k ohms respectively, it doesn't take much to get into heavy rock...
  10. the1jj

    Wolfetone Marshallhead and Dr Vintage PAF pickups, Excellent Condition

    Hello all, Here is a killer set of Wolfetone PAFs. These Wolfetones are really sweet. Zebra coils. The bridge is a Marshallhead and the neck is a Dr. Vintage. The Marshallhead gets that classic, smoky ZZ Top/ Van Halen sizzle, and the Dr. Vintage gets that smooth Cream-era Clapton or...
  11. the1jj

    FS: Seymour Duncan Slash Zebra/Reverse Zebra Pickups

    I have for sale here, a set of Zebra/Reverse Zebra Seymour Duncan Slash pickups in excellent condition.These pickups were meant to replicate the sound of his Legendary Les Paul used on Appetite for Destruction. The pickups are meant to make any guitar sound as "open" as a well used and loved...
  12. the1jj

    WTT for Guitarforce LOTB, or Wolfetone Dr V

    Morning folks, I have a couple pickups Id like to offer as trade for Guitarforce Lord of the Blues pickups, or Wolfetone Dr V's. Would also not be opposed to WCR Darkburst pickups. First set of pickups I own is in my Studio Silverburst. It is a Dr V - Marshallhead combo from Wolfetone in...
  13. the1jj

    Gibson Les Paul Studio Silverburst w/ Wolfetone's

    Hello all, Gonna preface this by saying I had a baby not too long ago. Beautiful baby girl, gets her looks from her mother. Since I dont have much time left to really play like I used to, I figure I would thin the herd a little. So I have here for sale or trade an amazing Silverburst...
  14. the1jj

    57 Classic and Classic Plus - 120 shipped

    Hi all, As the title says, 57 classic and classic plus for 120$ shipped. Nickel covers, some swirl marks on the covers. Pulled from an Epi tribute, there is 6 inches of lead on the plus and 13 inches of lead on the classic. PayPal gift please or add 3% for fees. Thanks!
  15. the1jj

    Wtb Wolfetone or WCR pickups

    Hi all, Looking to buy a used set of either marshallheads, Dr Vs, or WCR darkburst in zebra. 2 or 4 wire. Wouldn't hurt if they came with a harness either. Just bought a new les paul studio in silverburst with the ebony fretboard. Original owner put Seymour Duncan blackouts in it though...
  16. the1jj

    WTB guitarforce pickups

    Looking for either a Lord of the Blues set or a rebel rebelfire set. Prefer zebra but wont consider that a deal breaker. Let me know what you have, I'm sure there are still quite a few members who remember how great a pickup Kevin used to wind!
  17. the1jj

    Gibson SG - Fake?

    Gibson Sg Knob placement looks very fishy to me. And I dont see a location for an input jack. Not an expert by any means though. Thoughts?
  18. the1jj

    Gibson 70's tribute Vintage Sunburst

    I have for sale a Gibson 70's tribute in Vintage Sunburst. Beautiful guitar, awesome plain top on this satin beauty. Everything on her is stock, and while I appreciate the feel of a great guitar, mini humbuckers are just not for me unfortunately. She is in great shape, with just one ding behind...
  19. the1jj

    Wtb volume gold reflector knob.

    Hoping someone out there has 1 volume gold reflector knob with the silver insert. I'll PayPal you a couple bucks to drop it in an envelope and send it to arizona. Don't need all 4, just need one to replace the one I have that's stripped. Thanks in advance!
  20. the1jj

    Marshall jcm 2000 tsl 60 *Trade*

    I have for trade a Marshall jcm 2000 triple super lead 602. It is the amp head only, great condition. Few scuffs here and there but nothing major. I'm looking to trade for an epiphone elitist les paul. Local preferred but something else could be worked out if needed. I'd consider selling for 650...

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